Authentic Roulette Turbo Review

Roulette Turbo from Authentic Gaming brings live casino gaming right to your computer screen. Set in a real casino, this game takes you from the comfort of your home to a real-time roulette table, where you can join in the action as though you’re there without ever getting up from your chair.

If you’re looking for an intriguing way to take your gaming to the next level and enjoy the intrigue of the casino from home, this live Roulette Turbo game should definitely make it onto your radar. Its extensive betting features let you customise your gameplay carefully for gaming that plays out just as you’d like.

This casino game was initially reviewed in October 2017.

Image source: Authentic Gaming

The tables and environment

Authentic Roulette Turbo is played on a moderately sized live casino table with a European roulette wheel. Unlike showy games with an oversized wheel, this features a standard size bowl, ball tracks, and spindle. The sleek bowl is visible in only one of the camera shots featured for this game. The remainder of the time, your game focuses on the betting table and the dealer.

The deep maroon betting table for this game has gold lettering and red and black numbers that detail the possible betting options. Colourful chips surround the wheel, and live players stand on the far side of the table where they’re ranged along the edge of the live video shot visible on your screen.

From your position above the action, you can see the betting table clearly to judge how others in the game are placing their bets. You can also see and hear the dealer’s conversation, which makes this live play more engaging than a virtual roulette game.

Roulette Turbo is hosted at the Hilton Hotel in Batumi, Georgia. From your screen, you can see the other roulette tables surrounding your live game. The realistic lighting isn’t so bright as to appear studio-like, yet you can easily see everything that’s essential to the game.

Other players are readily visible in the casino, as are the dealers at other roulette tables. This makes it clear that you’re not the only player in the casino and offers a lively sense of realism that’s unlike the traditional online gaming experience. This setting provides an online casino experience that’s as realistic as it can get.

Interface and user experience

The bottom of the player’s screen in Live Roulette Turbo offers a wealth of information that will assist in well-informed betting. You can see the five hottest and coldest numbers of the moment and choose to bet all the hot or cold picks in a single play. You can also opt to bet the last 10, five, or three winning numbers. Open the Call Bets tab to see a range of special bets. Scroll through the statistics tables and pull out relevant information on the last 100 rounds. This gives you detailed information you can’t get in a live casino.

Your betting is controlled with the click of a mouse on your betting screen, which mimics the live table that you see just above in the video feed. Choose your chip and place bets on any number or numbers of your choice. If you set up a complex bet that you want to repeat, you can save the layout for future use. This game allows you to save up to five of your favourite layouts for faster betting in the future. The screen clearly tells you when betting is open or closed. As this is a live game, you need to act in the time allotted to make sure you don’t miss your opportunity to bet.

If you want to simplify your betting further, the auto-bet feature is available to help. You can place your bets automatically based on the hot, cold, or historic numbers for that game. The additional high roller and neighbours features for your auto-betting will let you customise this function further without the need for selecting complex bets yourself in each round.

Your bets and payouts are visible along the right of the panel. You can easily see your balance and limits here. The settings tab will let you view your betting history and see your overall profit or loss for the game in a few clicks. If you like to keep close track of your progress, this is a screen you’ll return to often.

Game settings allow you to customise your views of the game for more personalisation. You can choose whether or not to show your gross winnings, keep the stake on the table after winning, and enable dealer tipping. You can also adjust the game to stop you from reaching your bet limit with a max bet or allow this action.

Audio and visuals

Roulette Turbo cycles through three different views of the game, so your angle on the action changes regularly. Overhead views of the rich maroon table give players an outstanding perspective on the action. Peek right over the dealer’s shoulder, with the betting table to the left and the roulette wheel spinning away on the right. The camera pans back and forth in this angle, so you’ll move between a close-up of the table and a view with the wheel featured more prominently.

When the wheel is spinning, you’ll pan over to see where the ball lands. The number is also highlighted on your betting table below, so you don’t have to worry about missing this essential info if you can’t read the numbers clearly as they move.

Views from the front are elevated slightly above the table so you can see over the heads of the other players and get a good look at the table as though you’re standing in front of, and slightly above, the gaming area. Other tables are visible in the background, and you can easily see other players in the casino from this angle.

The camera also moves in to show a slightly closer view of the table from behind it. Here, the other players at the table are more visible. The roulette wheel is off to the left of the screen, though hidden beneath your betting features.
Players can’t control the camera angles, but shots rarely last for more than a few seconds, so you’ll get a glimpse of everything throughout the course of your game.

You can hear the murmur of other players in the casino, the shuffle of the chips, and the dealer’s voice. Adjusting the audio settings, you can make the sound effects and live casino sounds louder or quieter to prioritise the audio elements that are most important to you.

If you’re looking for live roulette gaming that you can access from home, Roulette Turbo is an extremely realistic view of casino game play. You can stake your place at the table and watch the action from the dealer and other players as though you’re there, thanks to convenient cameras and powerful online features.


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