Authentic Roulette Live Aspers Casino Review

Authentic Gaming Roulette Live Aspers Casino brings the little wheel to your screen straight from the UK’s largest casino. It has a European layout with all the upscale style and sophistication you’d expect from such a world-famous casino establishment.

Before you lay down your chips on this classic red felt, read through our Roulette Live Aspers Casino review to learn how to play, what it pays and much more!

This casino game was initially reviewed in June 2019.

Image source: Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming Roulette Live Aspers Casino Quick Facts
ProviderAuthentic Gaming
TypeLive dealer
Bespoke tableNo
Live dealersOne
Opening hours24/7
Minimum bet€1
Maximum bet€250
Special betsYes
StatisticsPayouts, Account history, Stats on last 250 rounds
Favourite betsNo
Instant chatNo
Camera anglesMultiple
Video settingsMulti-camera and classic viewing modes
CompatibilityDesktop, Tablet, Mobile

About Roulette Live Aspers Casino

Authentic Roulette Live Aspers Casino is streamed 24/7 from Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City, one of the UK’s largest casinos. Authentic’s partnership with Aspers was confirmed late August 2018 and saw this provider add live roulette streams from Great Britain to its extensive portfolio.

It’s a single-zero European Roulette wheel, featuring 37 numbers on the wheel, from 0 to 36. You can place up to 157 different types of European roulette bets on its layout so if you’re new to roulette, you’d do well to equip yourself with some knowledge on roulette variants before you move on.


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How to play Roulette Live Aspers Casino

A good understanding of this live casino game is a prerequisite to learning how to play Roulette Live Aspers Casino well. Your starting point should, therefore, be our How to Play Roulette and Live Dealer Roulette guides. The first walks you through a typical game of roulette online while the second explains the essential bits and pieces of the game.

Should you already know how to wager or are eager to skip ahead, the aim of roulette is to correctly predict the numbered pocket the ball will come to rest in. Do this by simply clicking or tapping your chips on any of the defined table layout betting areas. You’ll find a detailed explanation on how to do this in the Functionality and Interface sections further down, but for now, let’s look at the game’s payouts and RTP.

Roulette Live Aspers Casino RTP and Payouts

As you already know, this title is a standard European roulette game, so naturally the Roulette Live Aspers Casino payouts and RTP follow suit. Starting with the former, the theoretical return to player is 97.3% while the house edge is 2.70% on all bets.

There’s a Roulette Live Aspers Casino payout table found within the interface of the game, but you’re not able to pin this in place and refer to it as you play. It’s for this reason that you’ll find them in the table below. As you just read, there are upwards of 157 roulette bets you can make at the table, so a thorough understanding of their chip placement and their expected return is essential. Take your time going through the numbers below before you move on.

Straight up35:1

Do keep in mind that if there’s an error in the game, the round in question will be cancelled and any bets placed will be refunded to you.

Can you play Roulette Live Aspers Casino for free?

The short answer is ”No, you’re unable to play Roulette Live Aspers Casino for free” but it’s not without good reason. Partnering with such leading land-based casinos to deliver their experience to PCs and smartphones around the world is a costly endeavour. And once it’s all set up, there are overhead and various running expenses to account for. That being said, you’re able to enter the game, look around and adjust to the interface and watch others make their bets before you do. We recommend you do just that.

Topwheel Treasures Strategy & Tips

As any casino head knows, once you find something you enjoy playing, you’ll want to become a pro at it. The way to do so with conventional casino games is to apply the right betting system, but since this title is barely a month old, there are no tried and tested methods from famed mathematicians. Not ones to be put off by a challenge, we posed the question “Is there such a thing as a Topwheel Treasures winning strategy?” and delved into our knowledge bank to see what we could find.Much like its famous red and black wheel cousin, this is a complete game of chance. With that in mind, we picked one of the most well-known roulette betting strategies – the Martingale system – to see if it could work.The approach is straightforward. We bet a low amount on the most common coloured segment (that is, the one that should land most often statistically) – the yellow 1 – and doubled this after each loss. Once the toggle came to rest on our chosen segment, we began betting at €1 again. Take a look at what happened in the table below.
Bet (€)€1€2€4€1€2€4€8€16N/A
OutcomeLoss (-1)Loss (-2)Win (+8)Loss (-1)Loss (-2)Loss (-4)Loss (-8)7x multiplier (0)Win (+128)
Balance (€)€99€97€105€104€102€98€90€90


We walked away with €218 so we’d say this was a successful (perhaps just lucky) attempt at building the basis of what could become the game’s first official casino strategy. Perhaps Fibonacci or d’Alembert systems could yield favourable results too. We’ll definitely put more to the test in the near future, but if you decide to give any a go, share your stories of success (or near success) at

The wheel and table

Authentic Roulette Live Aspers Casino - 3
Authentic Roulette Live Aspers Casino - 9

Image source: Authentic Gaming

The Roulette Live Aspers Casino wheel is very on-brand with a silver ‘A’ turret in the centre on the wheel. The wheel drum is a deep, bright oak made up of red, black and green pockets separated by shiny silver brackets. It’s exactly what you’d expect to find in such a prestigious casino environment.

The Roulette Live Aspers Casino table sits exactly next to this. Its felt is a burgundy colour with the betting grid and racetrack area in the centre and chips worth various amounts off to the side of this. While these are clearly visible, you’ll actually place your own bets on a virtual layout instead which we’ll describe shortly. If you play the game on the multi-camera view, you’ll be able to make out neighbouring roulette games as well as patrons physically in the casino resort which naturally adds to the authentic feel.

The environment

Authentic Roulette Live Aspers Casino - 8

Image source: Authentic Gaming

Roulette Live Aspers Casino is streamed from the casino of the same name and sits in one of its busiest casino floors. While you won’t see as much of the environment as you would in a studio-based game, you’ll catch sight of your dealer, other roulette tables and a blurred out view of the surroundings. Your focus is on the roulette wheel and table and these come in crystal clear, so any additional glimpse into the casino serves to add to the ambience.

The dealer

If you choose to play in multi-camera mode, you’ll get a full view of your dealer. You won’t actually hear him or her speak, but they’ll make all the usual hand movements over the table to guide the game, spin the ball and discard any lost chips. Although you won’t be able to build up a relationship with them as you can on the likes of Evolution Gaming tables, you’re still able to play with the comfort of knowing that only the best would be hired to work in such an establishment.

What it looks like and how it works

Now that you know how to win at Roulette Live Aspers Casino in theory, let’s look into how you’d go about doing so in practice. To test the game, we pulled out our HP laptop and OnePlus 6T (both on a 1GB download Internet connection) and played around with it, taking a look at its interface and finding the best way to interact with it. Let’s begin with the former.


Authentic Roulette Live Aspers Casino - 10

Image source: Authentic Gaming

If you’ve played any other Authentic title before, the Roulette Live Aspers Casino will be familiar to you.

The base of the stream is where the betting area is so let’s begin there. At the far right, you’ll find your Bet Options and three different chips value sets to choose from as best suits your bankroll. Next to this, there’s a view of your Total Bet, Balance plus the option to undo or double your bet and rebet.

Cast your eyes a little towards the left and you’ll see the virtual betting layout next. You can view this European layout in two modes – the standard one and in the Bet on Stats mode. The first show the standard red and black grid while the latter offers a view of the hit rate, that is, the number of times that the outcome of the game has been that number/set of numbers based on the last X number (up to 250) of spins. Here you can also see the hot and cold numbers as red and blue boxes, respectively. Near this, there’s an overview of the hot and cold numbers of as many as the last 250 rounds with percentage statistics for the dozens, 1-18, 19-36, odd/even and red/black.

The game’s settings are found at the top right of the screen starting with the option to play in viewing mode A or B and in full-screen. There’s also a view of your bet history, a detailed help/rules section and audio settings here too.


Authentic Roulette Live Aspers Casino - 11
Authentic Roulette Live Aspers Casino - 13

Image source: Authentic Gaming

A new game round begins on the announcement of ”Place Your Bets” and the rise of the digital betting layout. You’ll find your available chips as we described above, but do remember that the active one will have a gold ring round it. You don’t want to go placing the wrong bet! Once you’ve chosen the right amount, click or tap the area you’d like to bet on within the betting window. You can place racetrack bets and complex call bets via their respective buttons too. And remember, you can switch between the Classic or the Bet On Stats views as we described above.

Audio and Visuals

Authentic Roulette Live Aspers Casino - 14
Authentic Roulette Live Aspers Casino - 5

Image source: Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming Roulette Live Aspers Casino lives up to expectations in terms of both audio and visuals.

Rather than hearing the dealer’s actual voice, a robotic voice provides you instructions throughout your time at the table instead. Alongside this, you’ll hear various casino sounds from neighbouring tables and the casino floor alike. Unlike game show live casino, there’s honestly not too much to keep track of in the way of verbal cues so you may mute the game’s sounds via the Speaker icon within the interface and turn up the volume on our Winning Casino Soundtrack if you prefer.

As we’ve already mentioned, there are two camera modes you can choose from – the multi-camera view (A) or the classic view (B). The first shows multiple views of the Aspers Casino floor which we think is best as it offers a far more genuine experience. On top of this, you can switch the video to fully fit the game interface or appear slightly smaller. Here, we suggest that you choose what’s best for your Internet connection.

What do you think about Roulette Live Aspers Casino?

Have you seen the Roulette Live Aspers Casino for yourself? What do you think? Do you have any tales of hitting your lucky number a few times in a row or catching sight of something unusual off in the background of this brick-and-mortar casino? No matter your story, share it with us via We can’t wait to hear from you!

Ready to play Roulette Live Aspers Casino?

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