Authentic Blaze Live Roulette Review

Authentic Gaming Blaze Live Roulette marks this game provider’s first endeavour into studio-based roulette. It’s a common draw European variant of the game with a presenter manning it 24/7, in a luxe setting illuminated with LED lights. On top of that, it’s fully customisable with thorough stats to help you develop your own betting strategy too.

Take a closer look at how to play, what it pays and more in our Blaze Live Roulette review.

This casino game was initially reviewed in May 2019.

Image source: Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming Blaze Live Roulette facts
ProviderAuthentic Gaming
TypeLive dealer
Bespoke tableNo
Live dealersOne
Opening hours24/7
Minimum bet€.20
Maximum bet€250
Special betsYes
StatisticsPayouts, Account history, Stats on last 250 rounds
Favourite betsYes
Instant chatNo
Camera anglesMultiple
Video settingsMulti-camera and classic viewings modes
CompatibilityDesktop, Tablet, Mobile


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How to play Blaze Live Roulette

Before you can master how to play Blaze Live Roulette, you must learn how to play roulette at its base level. Luckily, you’re covered with our easy-to-follow, 8-step guide to this classic table game. Start there if you’re a novice, then take a look at the introduction to live dealer roulette too. They’re the basis of becoming a good player.If you don’t want to dive into such detail just yet, the aim of the game is to correctly predict the number the ball will come to rest on by placing your chips on any of the defined table layout betting areas. You’ll find an exact explanation of how to do all this in the Functionality and Interface sections further down.

Blaze Live Roulette RTP and Payouts

Next up are the Blaze Live Roulette payouts and RTPs. As this is a standard European roulette game at its core, the theoretical return to player is 97.3% while the house edge is 2.70% on all bets.There’s a Blaze Live Roulette payout table within the interface however you’re unable to bet on the layout and view this simultaneously. It’s for this reason that you’ll find them listed below. If you’re new to playing roulette online, it’s suggested that you take your time looking over them and if you really want to bet on Blaze Live Roulette optimally, take a closer look at how to place roulette bets precisely first.Without further ado, here are the payouts.
Straight up35:1

Note that if there’s an error in the game, the round in question will be cancelled and any bets placed will be refunded to you.

Can you play Blaze Live Roulette for free?

As with any other Authentic title, you’re not able to play Blaze Live Roulette for free but it’s not without good reason. Plenty of time, effort and cost go into developing, creating and ultimately offering any live dealer table game. It’s for this reason that you cannot place bets with any bonus money. That being said, you are able to enter the game, navigate the interface and sit in on a few rounds before you place your bets. It’s what any new player to the game should do!

Blaze Live Roulette Strategy & Tips

If you’re an avid casino player, you’ll understand the eagerness to discover the best way to play a new casino game. So, if the question What’s the Blaze Live Roulette winning strategy?” is on your mind, you’re not alone.

Given the history of roulette, many a mathematician developed their own unique betting system that they claim to be the best betting strategy. There’s the Martingale, Reverse Martingale, D’Alembert and Fibonacci systems to name a few. We decided to put the latter to the test.

The Fibonacci system is a negative progression strategy that utilises the Fibonacci number sequence – a series of numbers made up of the sum of the two previous numbers – in an attempt to develop a winning method.

This betting strategy is most effective on even bets so we placed a €1 chip on black each round with a starting balance of €515.10. This is what happened:

Bet (€)€1€1€2€3€5
OutcomeLoss (-1)Loss (-1)Loss (-2)Loss (-3)Loss (-5)
Balance (€)€514.10€513.10€511.10€508.10€503.10

As you can see, we didn’t fair so successfully. We walked away with €503.10 in our balance from our original €515.10, so we can attest that the application of roulette betting strategies isn’t going to guarantee a win in all cases.

Honestly, the best Blaze Live Roulette strategy you can apply is one that is within your gambling budget and allows you to enjoy your time at the little wheel.

The wheel and table

Authentic Blaze Live Roulette - 2
Authentic Blaze Live Roulette - 1

Image source: Authentic Gaming

Let’s begin with the Blaze Live Roulette wheel. It’s highly professional in its appearance in a dark black with a sleek silver turret. These two hues perfectly offset the bright red, green and black pockets of the drum.

The wheel is fitted into the side of the Blaze Live Roulette table which is physically present in the studio but there’s something different about it – the various LED lights that illuminate it. The relevant winning sections light up when the winning number is announced, the winning number is projected on the felt, the table flashes red when betting time ends and other announcements are also shown. These LED overlays definitely make for better viewing on-screen.

The environment

Blaze Live Roulette is based out of sunny Malta, in Authentic’s Roulette ARENA, which we were lucky enough to visit last June. This state-of-the-art studio hosts this one-of-a-kind roulette variant alongside five other auto roulette wheels. When we spoke with them, Jonas Delin, CEO of Authentic Gaming, said they wanted to create”a glitzy and glamorous setting”, which they certainly succeeded in doing. It’s all set in a dark studio, illuminated with various LED lights and a massive video wall that shows various close-ups of the wheel.

The host

Given the look and feel this provider wished to achieve, they choose to refer to the dealer as a game host. While the male or female presenter places the ball into the ball track for it to spin, they’re stood behind the large table and move as if they were hosting a television show. They speak in a loud clear voice to congratulate winners and explain the section of the wheel the winning number falls within. They’re true professionals through and through.

What it looks like and how it works

Are you feeling comfortable with how to win on Blaze Live Roulette? Good, now let’s move onto explaining how you’ll go about doing exactly that by describing the interface, how you interact with it, what you can customise and what’s within your control.


Image source: Authentic Gaming

The Blaze Live Roulette interface is the standard one used by this provider.

When you first launch the game, your eyes will be drawn to the base of the stream where the majority of the controls are found. In the centre, you’ll find a digital-adaptation of the main roulette layout with a button to the bottom right to open up the racetrack area.

On the opposite side of that button, you’ll see the Bet on Stats one. Press this to view the hit rate, that is, the number of occasions that the outcome of the game has been that number/set of numbers based on the last X number (up to 250) of spins. This view also shows the hot and cold numbers as red and blue boxes, respectively.

You’ll find your chip stack to the far bottom-right. Again, this is something you can tailor to your gambling preferences using the three chip views. Simply toggle between each one to adjust the individual chip values to suit your bankroll. To the opposite side you’ll see an overview of the hot and cold numbers of as many as the last 250 rounds with percentage statistics for the dozens, 1-18, 19-36, odd/even and red/black. Below all this, there are the bet limits, your total active bet, balance, and lastly, access to the Authentic lobby.

The game’s settings can be found at the top right starting with the option to play in viewing mode A or B and in full-screen. Next, there’s an overview of your bet history, a detailed help/rules section and audio settings we’ll elaborate on in a minute.


Image source: Authentic Gaming

Now that you know what it looks like, let’s get into how you’ll interact with it.

Betting time begins with the announcement Place Your Bets shown on screen and said verbally by the dealer. The betting layout rises during this time so that you can place your bets. Do remember to adjust the layout to your preferred view – either Classic or Bet On Stats as we described above.

No matter the view you choose, betting is done in the same way. Select your chip value from the right, it’ll become highlighted then click the area you’d like to bet on. You can place call bets (on desktop) in a single swoop too from the Call Bets button to the right. Additionally, there’s the option to undo, double, rebet and clear your current bet while PC players enjoy save layout, auto-bet and auto-bet high roller functions too.

Audio and Visuals

Image source: Authentic Gaming

To match the Authentic Gaming Blaze Live Roulette theme, you’ll hear game-show style music upon launch. This jazzy, up-tempo music really sets the scene but you’re still able to hear the spin of the ball round the ball track crystal clear and the dealer’s voice is entirely audible too. You’re able to adjust the volume of the sound effects and live casino sounds using the audio settings button as you please.

As you saw above, this game is streamed from a state-of-the-art studio with a highly-technical camera rig to capture all the action. When you enter the game for the first time, you’re given the choice between two playing modes – the multi-camera view or the classic view. Similarly, you can adjust the video to fully fit the game interface or appear slightly smaller. It’s recommended that you harness these settings as best suits your Internet speed to ensure the best possible playing experience.

What do you think about Blaze Live Roulette?

What are your thoughts on Authentic Gaming’s first foray into live studio roulette? Do you prefer Blaze Live Roulette over their land-based offerings? Did you land your lucky number or have your game led by a lovely live dealer? No matter your experience, share your thoughts and opinions on We can’t wait to hear from you!

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