Current live casino promotions

The latest live casino promotions and bonuses

With a countless tables to stake on and even more casino promotions online; it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Rest easy, is here! We explore and evaluate every casino to find the very best live offers and current campaigns just for you. There’s no need to read every email, SMS or Promotions page – all the need-to-know casino promotions are in one place. From happy hour bonuses to month-long tournaments and once-in-a-lifetime experiences; your pick of the prizes are endless. Scroll through; the perfect promotions to get more bang for your buck are seconds away!

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When your passion for live casino leaves you playing for the big wins, it’s important to know where best to lay your chips. Here’s our pick of the prime places to play. Their live casino lobbies are a guaranteed centre of celebrated croupiers, a premium selection of games and stakes to suit every player. With a welcome offer waiting and plenty of live casino promotions thereafter, all you need to do is sign up, collect your bonus and enjoy the game.


How to play a live casino bonus

So you’ve seen a live casino promotion you’d like to take part in? Let us explain how obtain and enjoy the bonus below.

  • Find a promotion from our list: Flick upwards and find your favourite bonus or offer above. Follow the link and you’ll be taken straight to the live casino registration page or given the option to log in.

  • Go to the promotion’s information page: Head to the casino’s Promotions page to find the specific offer you’re after. You’ll typically find access to this page from the top or side navigation menu on site.

  • Confirm how the bonus is added: As stated above, each casino will have sub-pages dedicated to each of its current promotions. These pages explain how the offer works and what is required from you in order to receive the bonus.

  • Confirm when the bonus will become available: Each promotion page will also detail when the bonus is added. For example, some bonuses may be added instantly after deposit while you may need to complete a certain number of spins on roulette to receive others.

  • Check which live tables are part of the offer: Before you deposit or wager any funds, do check which felt is favoured by the offer in question. For you ease of use, casinos often include links to the bonus-friendly games on the promotion’s page.

  • Confirm how long the bonus is valid for: As mentioned above some promotions can end in a blink of an eye whereas others extended over a month. Confirm which type your bonus is before you play.

  • Enjoy the game: That’s all you need to know! Good luck at the tables with your live casino bonus.

Types of live casino promotions

Online casinos are brimming with your pick of frequent live casino promotions. Daily, weekly and even monthly, these bonuses range from simple deposit and wager ones to fully-fledged live casino tournaments. We’ll explain each of them below.

  • Daily/weekly reload bonus for current players: These bonuses are sent to players via SMS or email by the casino’s campaign team. They typically concern a promotional message centered around a specific game or set of games. Such promotions are usually active for 24 hours up to a few days.

  • Multiple deposit bonus: These live casino promotions keep on giving! They too are communicated via SMS or email, but involve multiple bonuses (often of smaller amounts). Such promotions usually take place over a weekend or a number of days to allow players to space out their deposits.

  • Happy hour bonus: Similar to afternoon drinks at the pub, you’ll have to sign in to the casino quick to receive these bonuses. These are casino bonuses which are given out to players if they deposit during a specific hour of the day.

  • Mobile casino bonus: A bonus specifically designed for your handheld device and tables you can tap into at any time. Remember to check whether you need to deposit via mobile too.

  • Exclusive bonus: Such bonuses are given to select few players. These may be sent out by the casino’s loyalty team or bonus team.  

  • Loyalty bonus: A sign of a reputable online casino is the extent to which it looks after its loyal players. Most casinos offer some form of loyalty or VIP bonus system. The amount and frequency of the bonuses VIP players receive may depend on a point system or otherwise, depending on the casino.

  • High roller bonus: Reserved for high depositors and big spenders, such bonuses must reflect their preferred style of play. These bonuses are based on a player’s bankroll and are usually sent out by the casino’s promotions or loyalty team.

  • Tournament bonus: These are especially exciting. Tournament bonuses allow players to ‘compete’ against one another to reach the top of a leaderboard for great prizes. Such campaigns usually extend over a month or longer period of time.

  • Prize draws: These often tie in with Tournament bonuses. Prize draws typically take places as the grand finale of these. For example, LeoVegas holds prize draws using bonus cards in its bespoke Chambre Séparée.

How to receive live casino promotions

Feel like you haven’t received any bonuses in a while? Liken your casino account to our checklist below and you may find the reason for this.

  • Check ‘Yes’ or ‘Accept’ to receive live casino bonuses. The casino’s customer support team will typically be more than happy to explain how to do this.

  • Mark ‘Yes’ or ‘Accept’ to receive campaign communications via SMS and/or email on your profile. Contact the casino’s customer support team if you need to clarify anything

  • Bookmark or refer to this page for the latest live casino promotions you can take part in.