A live dealer’s day beyond your display

Live casino dealers are the friendly and familiar faces who guide your round on blackjack or spin on roulette. But what’s their time before and after the live tables like? What do they do off-camera? We did some digging to find out.

Their wake-up call for work could be early morning, late afternoon or a time when most people hit the hay if the provider operates 24/7. Either way, the live dealer has to feel refreshed and rested their time in front of the camera. They don’t normally spend too much time getting ready at home as all that can be done at the studio. Some croupiers are able to walk to work whereas as others make use of public transportation. In cities like Riga or the tiny island of Malta, getting around isn’t much of a problem.

Once they arrive, the live dealer must make sure they’re camera ready. Hair, makeup and outfit must all look pristine. Some live casino providers employ their own styling team whereas others allow the croupiers to care for their own appearance. Their dress or suit is lent to them by the provider and must be ironed or steamed as required. Once they’re ready, it’s usually their turn on the live tables. Live dealers typically appear in front of the camera for around 30 minutes followed by a quick break before returning to the game.

Live dealers’ free time is not always their own. Aside from dealing decks and rotating the wheel, some providers expect croupiers to perform other duties. These may range from assisting with hair and makeup to acting as pit boss for part of their shift. Despite this, there’s plenty of perks from the provider to enjoy in between screen time. Croupiers often have access to a fully-stocked kitchen, free breakfast or lunch days and lots of staff events. Some dealers are even known to create casino competitions between themselves.

Overall, we have heard positive things about working as a live dealer for a casino provider. We believe that happy croupiers make happy players; so we only hope that companies continue to take care of their talent!