Super Sic Bo Review

Evolution Gaming Super Sic Bo is this leading games provider’s second release of 2019. Announced alongside eight other upcoming games at ICE 2019, this title reinvents the classic simple dice game with the possibility of random multipliers that go as high as 1000x.

Intrigued? We certainly were when we saw this innovative version of the Chinese dice game back in February. So, without further ado, settle in to learn how to play, what it pays and if there’s a tried and tested strategy that’ll land you the coveted multipliers in our Super Sic Bo review.

This casino game was initially reviewed in April 2019.

Image source: Evolution Gaming
Super Sic Bo Review Quick Facts
ProviderEvolution Gaming
TypeLive dealer
Bespoke tableNo
Live dealersOne
Opening hours24/7
Minimum bet20c
Maximum bet€10,000
StatisticsPayouts, Last 36 rounds, Dice total, Percentage of small, big and triple wins, Account history
Instant chatYes
Camera anglesMultiple
Video settingsMedium, High, HD
CompatibilityDesktop, Tablet, Mobile

About Super Sic Bo

Super Sic Bo by Evolution Gaming is a live casino adaptation of the ancient Chinese dice game. It is a simple game of chance played with three regular dice with face values from 1 to 6 and its objective is to correctly predict the outcome by picking one or more combinations from the betting table (more on these in a minute).

This software supplier kicks things up a notch with random multipliers that can be applied to several bet spots in every round. These go up to 1000x so they certainly supercharge this classic game. Learn the best way to play, if there’s such a thing as dice game strategy and more in our Super Sic Bo review.


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How to play Super Sic Bo

Understanding how to play Super Sic Bo is fairly straightforward.

As you just saw, this game is played with three standard dice with a face value from 1 to 6 and your aim is to correctly predict the outcome, based on the available options on the board. Before we go any further, let’s define the bet types.

Super Sic Bo Bets

There are eight types of Super Sic Bo bets that you may make in total, each with its own precise chip placement and payout.


This is simple. Place your bet on the total of the three dice being Small (4–10) or Big (11–17). Do keep in mind that these bets lose to any Triple win (three dice showing the same number).


This is straight-forward too. Simply bet on the total of the three dice being Odd or Even. Again, these bets lose to any Triple win.


Place your chosen chips on any of the 14 betting areas labelled 4–17. The Total is the total of the three dice excluding 3 and 18, and you’ll win if the total of the three dice adds up to the Total number on which you placed your bet. Note that payouts vary depending on the winning total.


To make this bet place your chips on any of the six betting areas labelled One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six which represent the six face values of a dice. You’ll win if at least one of the three dice show the number you bet on. As expected, the more dice that show the number you bet on, the higher your payout.


Place your chips on any one of six Double-labelled betting areas and if at least two of three dice show the same number, you’ll win. In this case, you’ll earn the same payout irrespective of whether two or three dice show the same number.


There are six Triple-labelled betting areas. Place your chips on any one of these and you’ll win if all three dice match the number chosen.

Any Triple

Place your bet in such a way to cover all six different Triple bets at once. To win, all three dice must show the same number.


To make this bet, place your bet on any or all of the 15 possible two-dice combinations.

Super Sic Bo Multipliers

The random part of this live casino game consists of the randomly assigned multipliers. Once betting time ends, zero to several betting spots are selected and a multiplier is applied to them while the dice are shaking. If you bet on the area the multiplier falls on, your payout will be multiplied accordingly.

Super Sic Bo Game Rules

There aren’t too many Super Sic Bo game rules to keep in mind. The most paramount one to clarify is that betting does not take place while the dice are rolling, so you’ll need to be sure to place your chips before the betting window closes. Also keep in mind the multipliers will be applied before the dice come to rest in the shaker.

Super Sic Bo RTP and Payouts

Now let’s reveal those coveted Super Sic Bo payouts. As there are many various types of bets you can choose to place, we’ve listed them in the table below for your convenience.
4 or 1750–499:1
5 or 1620–249:1
6 or 1515–87:1
7 or 1412–29:1
8 or 138–24:1
9 or 126–49:1
10 or 116–24:1



Triple (specific)150–999:1
Any Triple30–87:1

Its RTP is 97.22% and do keep in mind that any malfunction whilst you’re playing will void the round in question including all its eventual payouts.

Can you play Super Sic Bo for free?

No, unfortunately, you’re unable to play Super Sic Bo online for free. This is due to the high overhead costs associated with maintaining a live dealer studio, not to mention the initial R&D costs. Many online casinos will allow you to access the game (even before adding funds to your account), navigate the interface and familiarise yourself with it and its set-up before actually placing a bet yourself. As Evolution Gaming continue to come out with such innovative titles, it’s highly appreciated that players are given a sort of grace period to become accustomed to them.

Super Sic Bo Strategy & Tips

You may be asking yourself What is the best Super Sic Bo strategy?”. Regrettably, we’d be lying if we told you there was such a thing.

There are statistics showing the recent dice combinations, the total of the three dice, whether the total was Big or Small, and if the result was a Triple can be found within the interface, and while it may be tempting to refer to these, the past does not predict the future.

We recommend that you bet on the areas of the layout that cover more number combinations and have a greater chance of hitting such as Small/Big or Odd/Even. Your returns will be lower but you’re more likely to maintain your bankroll over the long term.

The dice shaker

Super Sic Bo Review - 16

Image source: Evolution Gaming

Unlike roulette or blackjack, the dealer doesn’t interact with the equipment of this game. In Super Sic Bo, the dice are rolled in an automatic dice shaker.

It’s a glass cylinder with a gold base that was custom built for the game which sits on a round, gold-decorated table covered in red felt. The dice shake within this glass chamber for just under 10 seconds per game round. We’ve yet to confirm its creator and whether it uses magnetism or mechanics to move the dice but we’ll update you when we know more.

The betting table

Super Sic Bo Review - 2

Image source: Evolution Gaming

The betting table of Super Sic Bo is so elaborate at first glance that we couldn’t help but give it its own section.

It’s not physically present in the studio but a virtual layout that appears as part of the interface. It is divided into around 50 different betting combinations which include dice total combinations, individual dice numbers and so on. To place your bet simply hover over the area you’d like to bet on which will become highlighted to confirm your selection.

The environment and the dealer

Super Sic Bo Review - 6

Image source: Evolution Gaming

The environment of this table game is reminiscent of the provider’s baccarat games. Its main colour is a rich, vibrant red accented with specs of gold that really enhance the luxe feel of the studio. It’s closed off by detailed blinds and as a nod to the game’s Eastern roots, you’ll see cherry blossoms either side of the area. Lastly, there are no other tables in sight which fits the style of the game to a T.

The dealer sits slightly off centre behind the table and dice shaker. Evolution mostly use female dealers at this table who wear chic red dresses that complement the game perfectly. Perhaps because it’s a new release or simply due to the style of players it attracts, there isn’t too many interactions between players and the dealer. That being said, the dealers we played with were polite, made the appropriate hand gestures to signal the start and end of the betting time and replied to players on chat. It’s not really a sociable – the focus is on the game.

What it looks like and how it works

Now that you know how to play and that there’s no real winning Super Sic Bo strategy, let’s examine how it looks on PC and smartphone, before explaining the best way to interact with it. Let’s dive right in.


Evolution Gaming adapted its standard gaming interface to suit this new style of dice game. It’s still divided into two main parts – ⅓ a digitally-rendered betting layout and ¾ a video stream. Let’s take a closer look at the former for now.

At the base, you’ll find the virtual betting table you saw earlier. The betting combinations you can place wagers on appear in varying sizes on the board with an announcement banner above this that advises on the betting time. To the right, you’re able to get an overview of the previous round results as well as the percentage of Small, Big and Triple wins. Beneath this, there’s access to the lobby and the ability to play up to three more games simultaneously.

On the opposite side, there’s a view of your current casino balance, your total bet of the given round, access to the chat function as well as a stream of each round’s winners. On top of this, you’ll find the original payouts table you saw above with the option to pin it in place if you prefer. The remainder of the controls can be found to the top right. These include an overview of your account history, game information via the ? icon, three audio and visual settings that we’ll touch on in a minute and the ability to play in full screen by pressing the last button in that row.


Super Sic Bo Review -- 4

Image source: Evolution Gaming

A new round begins when the virtual betting layout rises as shown in the image. Betting time lasts around 20 seconds, so be sure to select the correct amount you’d like to bet with (the chip value you’ll be betting with is enclosed by a gold ring) within that time. If you make a mistake, there’s the option to undo your last bet and you can choose to double your wager if you’ve got a good feeling about the next roll.

Audio and Visuals

Unlike Monopoly Live which was released some two weeks ago, this live casino game takes a far more subdued approach.In terms of audio, there’s no music to be heard. Instead, the sound of the dice tumbling inside their container take prominence every round. This loud noise is offset by the dealer’s soft voice which can still be heard clearly throughout the game. If you do enjoy listening to music while you play (check out the definitive winning soundtrack) or simply don’t like the rattling sound, you can control these settings via the speaker and cog icons on the interface.This game set is found in one of their state-of-the-art studios with a multi-camera installation to capture the action from all angles. The first wide shot shows the entire set, while increasing close-ups of the dice shaker are shown as the dice move and eventually come to rest. Again, there are two viewing modes on PC – fullscreen HD and classic mode. The former what we described in the Interface section above while the latter is preferable for poorer connections as the stream is smaller. As with other titles from this supplier, you may set the quality to either low, medium, high or HD, according to what best suits your Internet speed

What do you think about Super Sic Bo?

As Super Sic Bo has just been released, we don’t expect you to have an opinion on it right away. See the casinos that have the game on early release below and give it a go for yourself. Once you’ve seen the dice tumble, landed a few spins and maybe seen a Triple or two, share your experience on We look forward to hearing from you!

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