Speed Roulette

Cut down on betting periods and waiting time between Roulette spins with Evolution’s Speed Roulette. This game is for fans of Immersive Roulette who want a lightning-fast game. An experienced live dealer in a bespoke studio spins a custom roulette wheel without dallying between spins. You bet as the ball is going, giving you almost zero lag between rounds.

In a game this fast, expect lots of quick betting options. Chip sizes and call bets help you wager in just a few seconds, and you’ll always know your balance because it displays on your screen. Despite the speed, this game is intuitive to play and easy to understand. If you’re already familiar with Roulette, give yourself a challenge and play faster than ever before. When you want your live casino experience at breakneck speed, this is the game for you.

Game Facts

  • Expect a new spin every 25 seconds.
  • Betting only happens during spins.
  • Your dealer is live.
  • No downtime happens between spins.
  • Number recognition is video-based.
  • Fifty percent faster than other immersive roulette games.
  • Available for smartphone, desktop, and tablet.
  • Get 50 extra games each hour when compared with other immersive roulette options.
  • Accessible 24/7.

The Tables and Environment

Evolution got a custom-designed wheel for Speed Roulette. It looks very much like the wheel you find in Immersive roulette, with clear white numbers printed on red and black squares, lined up with the red, black, and green ball slots. The rest of the roulette table is a gorgeous beige or black, setting off the numbers and the ball beautifully. Though the game is fast, tracking the ball is simple with such intentional contrast. The table is parallel to the floor, because the changing camera angles give you all the detail you need when they get close.

The ball track is dark wood, and the turret is a shining gold or silver. Your dealer is in gold and so are the room’s accents, creating a coordinated environment you’ll love virtually returning to again and again. Luxury is apparent in this studio environment; this is no cheap casino but somewhere you’d enjoy sitting down for some speedy roulette play.

This custom wheel has no bet table attached to it. The dealer sits at the wheel alone, because the bet table is part of your user interface. This way, you focus solely on the wheel as the camera angles shift. The lack of a bet table attached to the wheel gives you better shots of your beautiful dealer, and it keeps the studio room from feeling cramped or awkward. Overall, the centrepiece of this game, the dealer and the wheel, knocks it out of the park visually.

The studio itself is simple and intimate. Behind your dealer are red columns with gold ribbons snaking up them. Between each column hangs a curtain of beaded gold strands. The design is simple and won’t distract you. No other casino games are happening in the background. This is a private section of studio dedicated to Speed Roulette.

Interface and User Experience

You’ll love the Speed Roulette interface if you’re familiar with how to play roulette. The bet table sits lengthwise at the bottom of your screen. As the ball goes, you place your bets by clicking on the corresponding squares of your bet table. Once the ball lands, a circle appears around the winning number, and a turret lands on top of it. As soon as this happens, the “Place Your Bets” prompt appears on your screen and you start betting for the next round.

At the bottom left of your screen, your balance and current bet are displayed. To actually bet, you select from an array of chips displayed directly beneath your bet table. Your options range from 50 cents to $1,000. You place the chips where you want to bet, and there’s an undo bet right next to them beneath your bet table graphic. Each chip displays on the number you click, showing you how you’ve arrayed your bets.

Despite the extremely intuitive interface, you have to move fast to play this game, so it’s not ideal for beginners who may want to think about how to bet during longer betting periods before the ball goes into play. For those experienced with Roulette, this is an exciting interface indeed.

Controls for chat, settings, and information are at the top right of your screen. At the bottom right of your screen is a control giving you game stats. Click the little bar graph symbol to get the hot and cold numbers. A slide will let you see what’s been hot and cold for just the last few games or for several previous games. This is measured in seconds because these games go so fast. People who have just joined Speed Roulette will love using this feature to get information on the table very quickly.

Just above your hot and cold number information is a track visual, divided into the call bets you can make. Click a chip, then your call bet, and automatically get chips scattered across the virtual bet table. This is easily the quickest way to bet during Speed Roulette. Finally, you have a Repeat button, which lets you copy your bet from the last game.

Audio and Visuals

Multiple cameras switch between different close and wide angles. When the spin ends, you see the ball in its slot. The camera goes wide to show you the dealer as she spins again, and it sometimes remains wide during the first few seconds of the spin. While the ball spins, the camera tends to focus on the turret so you can see the ball whizzing by in the background.

When the ball lands, you also get close views of the roulette table itself, and these views leave you no question as to where the ball ended up. The camera will go wide again to encompass the dealer reading out the winning number. Expect HD options when you play Speed Roulette, though you certainly don’t have to play at HD if your smartphone or laptop is experiencing a lag.

Your dealer is typically a woman wearing a sleeveless gold dress. However, you might end up with a man in the traditional dealer garb: a white shirt with a black vest. Either way, expect a clean-cut, attractive host who will competently guide you through this game.

No background music exists in Speed Roulette by Evolution. When you place your bets, you can hear the sound of chips clinking together. Otherwise, the sounds in the studio are simply the dealer talking and the ball as it spins and lands. The ball sounds are turned up, to create the ambience of being in a casino and sitting near the roulette table. No casino sounds exist in the background, however, which creates an ideal intimate environment for those who want to focus solely on this game. Try it with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones for a truly spectacular experience.

Sometimes, the dealer will comment on hot numbers or give a winner a shout-out, but for the most part they are trained to make the game go swiftly which means no running commentary like you might expect with other immersive roulette games.