Evolution Monopoly Live Review

Unveiled at ICE 2019, Evolution Monopoly Live is the next generation of 2017’s Dream Catcher. This new title, created in partnership with Hasbro, expertly combines live dealer casino with the world’s most popular board game. Its truly cutting-edge element is its 3D bonus round that brings the prototypical Rich Uncle Pennybags character to life in a colourful, digitally-rendered mini-game with fruitful features that can really top up your bankroll.

Before you see this classic board game brought to life, read through our Monopoly Live Review to learn the best way to play, what it pays and how to gain entry into the coveted bonus round.

This casino game was initially reviewed in March 2019.

Image source: Evolution Gaming
Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live Review Quick Facts
ProviderEvolution Gaming
TypeLive dealer
Bespoke tableNo
Live dealersOne
Opening hours24/7
Minimum bet10c
Maximum bet€2,500
Special betsBet On All
StatisticsPayouts, Previous round stats, Account history
Favourite betsNo
Instant chatYes
Camera anglesMultiple
Video settings Medium, High, HD
CompatibilityDesktop, Tablet, Mobile


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How to play Monopoly Live

It’s best to understand how to play Monopoly Live in two parts: the main game and the bonus game. Let’s begin with the former.You’ll be familiar with the number-coloured segments of the wheel if you’ve seen Dream Catcher or any other money wheel game before. If not, skip ahead to the Wheel section further down for a full explanation.When you’re ready, place a bet on any of the segments – 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls – which you believe the Monopoly Live wheel will come to a stop on via the betting area at the base of the stream. The dealer then spins the wheel and if the pointer stops on your chosen segment, you win its corresponding payout. If the wheel comes to rest on either the Chance, 2 rolls or one 4 rolls segments, you’ll open up further opportunities to win which we’ll go into next.If the wheel stops on the Chance segment, you’ll be presented a chance card, by Mr. Monopoly himself, with either a random cash prize or a random multiplier bonus. If the card is the former, you’ll win the random cash amount shown on the card while the latter is a little more complex than that. If the card shows a multiplier bonus, all active bets remain in place and the dealer initiates a new game round where the multiplier won multiplies the winnings for this next spin. Should you receive a multiplier once more, this multiplier will be multiplied too.Let’s take a look at a practical example to make things clearer. Say you bet €100 on segment 2 and receive a Chance card with an 8x multiplier, you’ll subsequently win €100 x 8 x 2, which is €1,600. However, if the next spin result initiates the bonus game, you’ll only win if you placed a bet on the 2 rolls or 4 rolls segments.

Monopoly Live Bonus Game and Prizes

Now let’s take a closer look at the bonus round.

Upon launching the game for the first time, you’ll see an instructional video that breaks down the bonus round into four parts. Here it is for your reference.

Source: casumo.com, Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live

To participate in this sub-part of the game, you’ll need to have bet on the 2 rolls or 4 rolls segments or both. If the wheel stops at any of these segments, you’ll be transported to a familiar 3D monopoly board game with various houses and hotels with respective multipliers.

The number of dice rolls (auto-rolled in the live studio, FYI) are determined by the segment that launches the game round. During the game, Mr. Monopoly moves around the 3D Monopoly board (made up of Properties, Utilities, Free Parking, Railways, Taxes, Jail/Go to Jail, Chance/Community Chest and GO), collecting cash prizes for qualifying players. The number of squares he steps over after each dice roll are equal to the total of the two dice in that roll.

When you enter the bonus game, Properties, Utilities and Free Parking have basic prizes. Once the bonus round begins, houses and hotels will be built on some properties which will increase the prize. As we’ve mentioned, Mr. Monopoly moves around the board in accordance to the cumulative total of the dice roll and prizes are only collected at his final stop.

If you’re participating in the bonus game, you can keep track of your winnings on the Bonus Win section of the interface. As soon as there are no dice rolls left, any winnings will be paid along with the initial bet and you’ll return to the main game.

Here’s a run through of a bonus round. We’re sure you’ll be as impressed as we were if it’s your first time seeing it!

Source: casumo.com, Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live

Note that the availability of the board may vary depending on where you’re playing from and if you didn’t place any of the Rolls bets, you’ll still be able to see the bonus game, however, you will not be eligible to win any prizes in it.

Monopoly Live Game Rules

We’ve touched upon a few Monopoly Live game rules so far but here are some more bonus-round specific ones:

  • If the wheel lands on either the 2 rolls or one 4 rolls segments, the bonus game will last for a minimum of two and four dice rolls respectively.
  • If a double (two dice showing the same number) is rolled, an additional free dice roll is rewarded, except when doubles are used to get out of Jail.
  • If Mr. Monopoly stops on Chance or Community Chest, you can win either a random cash prize or incur a fee
  • On the board, Income Tax reduces your bonus winnings by 10% whereas Supertax reduces winnings by 20%.
  • Taxes and fees will only be deducted if your bonus winnings allow it.
  • When you pass GO, all the prizes thereafter on the board will be doubled.
  • If Mr. Monopoly stops on the Go to Jail space and moves to the Jail, then a double must be rolled to get out. Any previous bonus winnings remain.

Monopoly Live RTP and Payouts

Before we reveal the best Monopoly Live strategy and explain how it winds up on your smartphone, let’s take a look at its RTP and odds. The game’s optimal theoretical return to player is 96.23% based on a rather large maximum win of €500,000, however it ranges between 91.30%-96.23% overall.

You might notice that the numbered segments on the wheel correspond to their respective payouts so those will be easy to recall. On the other hand, the Chance segments rewards random cash multipliers while the Dice Roll ones activate their respective bonus round.

Don’t worry if this seems like plenty to remember, all the information is condensed in the table below for you. Do keep in mind that any malfunction whilst you’re playing will void the round in question including all its eventual payouts.

No. on  wheelNo. of segmentsRTPMin betMax betPayout
Chance2N/A €0.10N/ARandom cash prize/multiplier
2 rolls393.90%€0.10€500Up to €500,000
4 rolls193.67%€0.10€250Up to €500,000

Can you play Monopoly Live for free?

Unfortunately, you’re unable to play Monopoly Live online for free. This is due to the high overhead costs associated with maintaining a live dealer studio, not to mention the initial R&D costs. Many online casinos will allow you to access the game (even before adding funds to your account) and navigate the interface and familiarise yourself with the game and its set-up before actually placing a bet yourself. As Evolution Gaming continue to come out with such innovative titles, it’s highly appreciated that players are given a sort of grace period to become accustomed to them.

Monopoly Live Strategy & Tips

Since game show live casino is a relatively new concept and this Evolution release is even newer, fruitful centuries-old betting systems simply aren’t at our disposal. Instead of being put off by this, we asked the question What is the Monopoly Live winning strategy?”, added some funds to our account and set off to experiment.The aim of the game is, of course, to enter its unique bonus round and benefit from the payout potential there but the only way to do so is by betting on the Rolls segments. As there are 54 segments on the wheel in total, there’s 2/27 chance of entering the bonus round. You can check out the results of the previous spins as you play within the interface (more on this below) but remember they’re not an actual indication of what’s to come. We saw both instances of where this held up and where the wheel landed on 1 as many as seven times in a row.

The wheel

The Monopoly Live wheel – more than likely produced by legendary casino equipment supplier, TCSJOHNHUXLEY – is split up into 54 equal segments that are divided by pins. 48 of these segments are marked with a number – 1, 2, 5, 10 – and unique colour for each number. The remaining six segments are two Chance segments, three 2 rolls segments and one 4 rolls segment.

Once the betting window comes to a close, your presenter (more on them in a minute) spins the wheel clockwise or anticlockwise. The pointer mounted on a flexible piece of leather at the top of the wheel indicates the winning digit while the dividing pins on the wheel that brush against the pointer to build up suspense before the wheel comes to a stop.

The environment and the dealer

As you can see in the image below, the studio appears as though it’s semi-circular in shape with a digitally-rendered screen in the background that’s reminiscent of what you may have seen on a real-life monopoly board before. You’ll see the dice rolling device at the right of the screen and hot air balloons, aeroplanes and other flying objects moving around in the background but they’re not enough to distract you from the main game.

The real visual treat isn’t physically found in the environment but the computer-generated elements of it. Throughout the main game, Mr. Monopoly sits off to the left of your screen catching up on the newspaper until he’s called upon for the bonus round as you’ve seen above. All in all, the tangible and intangible elements of the game come together seamlessly, creating an immersive environment.

Given this, it’s only natural that the supplier hires its most highly-experienced and trained live dealers to man this wheel. You may have already guessed, but they act more like game show presenters than traditional dealers, almost putting on a performance but still remaining focused on us, the players, by explaining how the game works, congratulating any winners and reacting to what is said on live chat. Their attire is more extravagant too. Female dealers wear coloured dresses of varying lengths and styles while males don light-coloured suits. 

We’ve seen this kind of spectacle on Dream Catcher and Lightning Roulette before, so we knew the operators dealers were up to the challenge however we were immensely impressed by the natural interactions with and transitions between the dealer and the digital figure. Hat’s off to them for that.o.

What it looks like and how it works

So now that you know what the studio’s like, let’s break down what you can do, see and hear on your display.
Evolution Monopoly Live Review Standard-Interface
Image source: casumo.com, Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live


For the most part, Evolution Gaming adapted its Dream Catcher interface to suit this new game. It’s essentially split into two parts: ¾ a video stream and ⅓ a digitally-rendered betting layout. Let’s focus on what the latter looks like for now.At the base of the interface you’ll find the virtual betting area where all the action takes place. As with their money wheel, the numbered segments appear as correspondingly coloured banknotes with an announcement banner above this that advises on the betting window. On the right of this, you’re able to get an overview of the previous round results, various functionalities we’ll touch on in a minute, the option to wager on up to three other games simultaneously and access to the lobby.On the opposite side, you’ll see a view of your current casino balance, your total bet, the chat function as well as a stream of each round’s winners. Above this, you’ll find the original payouts table you saw above with the option to pin it in place. The remainder of the controls can be found to the top right including an overview of your account history, game information via the ? icon, three audio and visual settings we’ll touch on shortly and the ability to play in full screen by pressing the last button in that row.


Evolution Monopoly Live Review Live Betting Area
Image source: casumo.com, Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live

The virtual betting layout rises as shown in the image to signify the commencement of the betting timeframe. Once you’ve selected the correct amount you’d like to bet with (the chip value you’ll be betting with is enclosed by a gold ring), simply click the area you’d like to bet on. If you make a mistake, there’s the option to undo your last bet and you can choose to double your next wager if you’ve got a good feeling about the next spin. AutoPlay (with the option to set limits) and Bet On All buttons are also available if your bankroll permits you playing on all six numbers at one go. We tested the game on an HP laptop with a wired 1GB download speed Internet connection and it ran smoothly, just as we anticipated.

Audio and Visuals

Elements of this game’s audio and visuals are naturally very similar to its predecessor. Game show music can be heard throughout the game but the dealer’s radio voice can still be heard crystal clear. As the wheel spins, you’ll hear the point tapping across the dividing pins to build up suspense and ends with a tada-style sound effect as the winning number is announced. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a game show title but you can control these settings via the speaker and cog icons on the interface.

This game set is built in one of their state-of-the-art studios with a multi-camera installation to capture the action from all angles. The primary wide shot shows the entire set, left and right side views show more detail and there’s two close-ups of the wheel – one wide shot and another to showcase that leather strap coming to a stop. 

There are two viewing modes on PC – fullscreen HD and classic mode. The former is the view we described earlier while the latter is preferable for poorer connections as the stream is smaller and provides a fuller view of the chat and further game statistics. As with other titles from this provider, you may set the quality to either medium, high or HD, according to what best suits your Internet speed.

Evolution Monopoly Live Review Second-View
Image source: casumo.com, Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live

Mobile Vs. Desktop

This Evolution Gaming title is accessible on PC and smartphone, but is one better than the other? These are our five key takeaways of each.


  • Landscape mode is preferable over portrait.

  • Unnecessarily large betting area in portrait
    mode that’s better scaled in landscape.

  • View of previous round wins is unavailable.

  • Can’t participate in the chat without obstructing the stream.

  • Settings are limited.



  • Ample space for every element.

  • The ability to pin the payouts is useful as you’re familiarising yourself with the game.

  • The stream is crystal clear and easy to make out.

  • The winners list is unobtrusive.

  • Choice of two ways to view the stream.

What do you think about Monopoly Live?

We don’t expect you to have an answer for this right away, Monopoly Live is Evolution Gaming’s latest release after all. We’ve listed the top online casinos that have just received early access to the game so take your pick from there when you please. Once you’ve seen a few spins on the wheel, met a live dealer who impressed or disappointed you, or perhaps followed Rich Uncle Pennybags all the way to the bonus round, drop us a line at feedback@livecasino.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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