Evolution Live Caribbean Stud Poker Review

Evolution Gaming Live Caribbean Stud Poker is a dynamic poker game with non-stop action and two enticing side bets – 5+1 and the Progressive Jackpot. It’s fast-paced yet easy to pick up if it’s your first time pulling up a seat.

But before you take your poker game to the next level, get familiar with its gameplay, a feel for what it looks like and what strategy to adopt in our Live Caribbean Stud Poker review.

This casino game was initially reviewed in May 2019.

Image source: Evolution Gaming
Evolution Gaming Live Caribbean Stud Poker facts
RTPMain Bet: 96.29%, Main Bet (based on total bet): 98.18%, Bonus 5+1 Bet: 91.44%, Progressive Jackpot side bet: 81.84%
ProviderEvolution Gaming
TypeLive dealer
Bespoke tableNo
Live dealersOne
Opening hours24/7
Minimum bet€1
Maximum bet€5,000
Special bets5+1 Bonus Bet and Progressive Jackpot side bet
StatisticsPayouts, Account history
Favourite betsNo
Instant chatYes
Camera anglesSingle
Video settingsMedium, High, HD
CompatibilityDesktop, Tablet, Mobile

What is Live Caribbean Stud Poker?

Created in partnership with Games Marketing, Live Caribbean Stud Poker by Evolution Gaming is a fast-paced adaptation of the classic poker game. Aside from the chance to win on your main bet, there’s the optional 5+1 Bonus bet and Progressive Jackpot that add extra chances to win. The latter comes with payouts of up to 1000:1, while the latter offers both a top-level Progressive Jackpot prize of increasing value for a Royal Flush and a range of lower fixed prizes for other hands.


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How to play Live Caribbean Stud Poker

Learning how to play Live Caribbean Stud Poker is a straight-forward endeavour.

A new round commences when you place an Ante bet and the optional 5+1 bonus bet and/or Progressive Jackpot side bet (more on these in a minute) if you wish. The players and the dealer are then dealt five cards each. Your cards are dealt face up while all but the dealer’s last card are dealt face down. You’re then able to examine your cards, and are given the opportunity to Call or Fold.

If you decide to Call, you must make a wager exactly twice your original Ante bet, and should you fold, you’ll forfeit your cards and your Ante bet. Then, the dealer turns over their other four cards to reveal the complete hand of five cards. The dealer must have an Ace and a King or higher to qualify.

The optional Live Caribbean Stud Poker 5+1 Bonus Bet and Progessive Jackpot Bet

Before we move on to the results of the Live Caribbean Stud Poker main game, let’s take a closer look at those bonus bets.

The 5+1 Bonus side bet wins if your five cards plus the dealer’s first face up card make a five-card poker hand of a Three of a Kind or better. Remember, to place this bet you must first make an Ante wager followed and your decision to Call or Fold does not affect the outcome of 5+1 bonus bet.

Similarly, you can also place the Progressive Jackpot side bet. This is a progressive jackpot and the total amount you’ll win depends on the number of players who placed a jackpot side bet in that given round. Again, this side bet is evaluated separately such that it provides an entirely distinct opportunity to win.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker Outcomes

Now that you know how to win Live Caribbean Stud Poker, take a look at the potential outcomes of this table game:

  • If the dealer qualifies and the player wins, the player will win even money on the Ante bet while Call bet will win according to the poker hand rankings shown in the payout table below.
  • If the dealer does not qualify and the player wins, the player will win even money on the Ante bet and the Call bet will push
  • If the dealer and the player tie, both Ante bet and Call bet will push
  • If the dealer qualifies and beats the player, both Ante bet and Call bet will be lost

Live Caribbean Stud Poker Game Rules

We touched on most of the Live Caribbean Stud Poker game rules already but they’re crucial to playing the game correctly so it’s best to ensure they’re clear in your mind.

  • This game is played with a standard 52 card deck (Jokers excluded) which is shuffled after each game.
  • You’re required to make an Ante bet to participate.
  • The dealer qualifies with an Ace and a King.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker RTP and Payouts

Next, let’s take a look at the Live Caribbean Stud Poker payouts and RTP. Again, you can think of them in two distinct parts: the main game and the 5+1 bonus bet.

Starting with the former, if your cards beat the dealer’s cards, you’ll receive even money (i.e. a payout of 1:1) on your Ante bet, and the payouts listed in the table below on your Call bet. The RTP of the main bet is 96.29% while the RTP of the main bet based on total bet is 98.18%.

Call BetPayout
Royal Flush100:1
Straight Flush50:1
Four of a Kind25:1
Full House10:1
Three of a Kind3:1
Two Pairs2:1
One Pair or less1:1

And, should you choose to place the optional 5+1 Bonus side bet, you’re eligible to receive the following payouts with an RTP of 91.44%.

5+1 Bonus BetPayout
Royal Flush1000:1
Straight Flush200:1
Four of a Kind100:1
Full House20:1
Three of a Kind7:1

Lastly, the Progressive Jackpot side bet pays out as follows with an RTP of 81.84%.

Top-level progressive jackpotPayout
Royal FlushThe Progressive Jackpot meter
Lower fixed prizesPayout
Royal FlushThe Progressive Jackpot meter
Straight Flush2,500:1
Four of a Kind250:1
Full House50:1
Three of a Kind3:1

Knowledge of these payouts are essential but you needn’t memorise them to play Live Caribbean Stud Poker optimally. Within the game interface (more on this further down), you can pin a payout table in place as you wager. It can clutter the stream, so we recommend that you refer to our Live Caribbean Stud Poker payout tables above as you become accustomed to the game. Also, don’t forget that any malfunction whilst you’re playing will void the round in question including all its eventual payouts.

Can you play Live Caribbean Stud Poker for free?

The short answer is: no, you’re able to play Live Caribbean Stud Poker for free. Let us explain. From the get-go, creating new and innovative live casino games involves costly research and development. Then once the game is released there are expenses involved including various overheads, dealer salaries and the wages of people you don’t even see on camera. The fact that you’re required to put down some money to wager is justified.

That being said, you’re able to open up the game, browse the interface and sit in on a few rounds to see what goes on before you actually place your chips. Don’t jump the gun and spend at least 5 minutes looking around before you play for the first time.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy & Tips

If you’re eager to know what the best Live Caribbean Stud Poker strategy is, there are a few points to keep in mind to help you master each round.

  • Don’t fold small pairs: Beginners tend to fold small pairs without realising that these tend to be quite valuable in the long-term. Folding them too early could end up costing you money.
  • Avoid playing weak hands: Fold if you have a hand weaker than the Ace and King combination otherwise you risk losing money in the long-term.
  • Play the Ace and King combination smart: Raise in these three situations only:

– If your third card is a Queen or a Jack while the dealer’s up-card is a King or an Ace.
– If the dealer’s up-card is a Queen or lower and forms a pair with a card in their hand.
– If your third card is a Queen and your fourth card is better than the face-up card of the dealer.

  • Always raise on a pair or better: Adopt the points listed above and you’ll almost certainly see more favourable rounds but do remember that a winning Live Caribbean Stud Poker winning strategy is one that ensures your long-term enjoyment of the game, not one that stresses you out about reaching high wins or the like.

The table

Evolution Live Caribbean Stud Poker - 2
Evolution Live Caribbean Stud Poker - 1

Image source: Evolution Gaming

The classic green Live Caribbean Stud Poker table with a deep brown border occupies most of the screen. It’s a physical table found within the studio that features the rules emblazoned across it with digitally-overlayed betting areas. The dealing shoe is found to the dealer’s left while the discard rack is on to the right.

The environment

The surroundings of this casino game are reminiscent of that of a traditional one, with a twist. The classic rich hardwood tones are complemented by shimmering, mirrored gold curtains that really brighten up the entire set. You’ll see another poker table in the background too but as there’s only a single, straight-on view of the dealer, this is all you’ll see.

The dealer

Evolution Gaming Live Caribbean Stud Poker - 8
Experienced English-speaking dealers guide the gameplay and lend perfectly to creating an enticing live casino environment with their professionalism. You’ll be face to face with the dealer throughout, as you’ll get the prime spot at this poker table. They welcome you to the table upon joining and congratulate the winners after each round. The female dealers wear slinky gold gowns, while the male dealers wear white shirts with black vests and bow ties. They suit this table to a T.

What it looks like and how it works

Ready to pull up a chair? Before you do, get an understanding of what it looks like on your device and how you’re to interact with it.


Evolution Live Caribbean Stud Poker - 18

Thanks to its intuitive interface, Live Caribbean Stud Poker offers an a-class user experience. It’s easy to keep your eyes on the gameplay, since the poker table and the cards are front and centre while the controls fit neatly around the interface.

Cast your eyes to the bottom right and you’ll find direct access to the lobby plus the option of adding three other Evolution titles to wager on simultaneously. In the bottom centre, there’s the four betting areas – the Ante one in the middle with the others either side. At the bottom left, there’s an overview of your current casino balance next to your total bet. Do you have your eye on the jackpot? Well, you’ll see the total pot, the player share, and the payouts on the right side of the screen too.

You’ll see a pin icon behind which you’ll find the game’s payout table with the option to pin it in place. Below this, there’s direct access to the instant chat system. In the upper right corner, you’ll find all the game controls including an overview of your account history, game information from the ? icon, audio and visual settings we’ll touch on shortly and the ability to play in full screen by pressing the last button in that row.


Evolution Live Caribbean Stud Poker - 13
Evolution Live Caribbean Stud Poker - 12

Image source: Evolution Gaming

When the betting period opens, you’ll have about 15 seconds to wager by selecting the respective bet amount (the active one will have a gold ring around it) and clicking the Ante bet area. Remember, if you wish to place the 5+1 Bonus side bet or the jackpot bet, you’ll need to do so in this timeframe too. There’s the option to undo, double or repeat you’re last bet if you’d like to do so too.

Subsequently, you’ll see digital overlays of both the dealer and the player hand either side of the table, underneath which Call and Fold buttons appear for you to act as you wish on your hand.

Audio and Visuals

Evolution Live Caribbean Stud Poker - 17
Evolution Live Caribbean Stud Poker - 15

Image source: Evolution Gaming

At its core, Evolution Gaming Live Caribbean Stud Poker is a classic poker game so naturally its audio and visuals complement this. Beginning with the former, you’ll immediately notice that there’s no background music such as what’s heard in Evolution Lightning Dice for example. Instead, you’ll hear muffled casino sounds such as the voices of dealers from neighbouring tables and a distant roulette ball coming to rest. Above all of this, however, you’re able to make out the movement of the cards across the felt and your dealer’s voice. You can adjust the volume from the speaker and cog icons on the interface. Overall, it’s really quite immersive, especially if you’re wearing noise-cancelling headphones.

This title is set in yet another state-of-the-art studio with all the latest technology to capture every round. In this table game, you’ll see the dealer straight-on. There are no other camera angles, but they’re not needed. You are able to switch between two viewing modes, though – the view described earlier and what is called the Classic View that’s best if you have a poorer bandwidth connection. Additionally, video quality can be set to auto-adjust or low, medium, high and HD as suits your device.

Mobile and Desktop

Naturally, this game is not only playable on smartphone and PC but built with both device capabilities in mind. It’s developed in HTML5 to perfectly suit each handset’s capabilities, its UI adapts to suit the screen size too and image quality is assured through HTML5 built-in native video support. It plays in both landscape and portrait mode too so you’re covered no matter your playing preference.

What do you think about Live Caribbean Stud Poker?

Have you played Live Caribbean Stud Poker yet? What did you think? Maybe you hit a Royal Flush on your first round, tried for the progessive jackpot and succeeded or enjoyed a few rounds with an exceptionally pleasant dealer. No matter your experience, share it via feedback@livecasino.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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