Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat from Evolution Gaming is so real it’s like being right inside the casino. Unique features like special bets and extra statistics will help you get more involved in the game and enrich your playing experience. The high-definition camera helps create a more intimate environment with your host. Whether you’ve never played before or this is one of your favourites, the authenticity and suspense will keep you coming back again and again.

Game Facts

  • Created for desktop, tablet, and smartphone play
  • Studio environment with a live host
  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Multiple road choices to help you with your betting decision
  • Table showing history of the last games
  • Bets ranging from £1 to £15,000

The Tables and Environment

Start playing Live Baccarat and you’ll find your host sitting in a maroon chair at a bean-shaped table. The light in front of your dealer is natural, and you won’t see any bold colours or bright lights on the set. Instead, the entire decor has warm shades of red, gold, and brown. Even her lovely red dress does not distract from the game table. With a camera focused just on your host, it feels like an intimate environment where it’s just the two of you.

The large table has a gold fabric cover with a light diamond and circle pattern and a dark wood border. The cards alternate between the classic red or blue back to stand out against the gold table. When you look at the table, you’ll see white print indicating where the host will deal the player cards and where she’ll deal the banker cards. You’ll also notice to the left of your host is the card dispenser, and to her right is the card deposit. Behind her on her right is a small table where she keeps the extra card dispenser. Except for these items, the table is clear and open.

Your host sits in a studio. Even though you can hear the faint sound of voices from other hosts around her, you don’t see them in the background, so there’s nothing to distract or take away from your game. The decor behind your host is very similar to what you would find in popular casinos in Macau. Behind her are silk trees with pink and red blossoms. Spotlights shine up from the floor to give these trees some lovely illumination. Behind those trees you’ll see four bubble wall panels lit with a soft white light.

The elements of the environment come together to create the feeling of playing in a VIP room of an extravagant casino, rather than a busy casino floor.

Interface and User Experience

The interface and user experience for Live Baccarat is simple and easy to follow. When betting opens, a small screen comes up slightly above your table. Here is where you’ll see your chips and make your bet. Your chips range from £1 to £2,000, and you will click on player, banker, or tie to make your bet. When you’re ready to place your bet, you have 18 seconds to do so. There’s a countdown clock on the bet screen that helps you keep track of time. The text along the top of your bet screen is also in green and reads “Place Your Bets.” When you have five seconds left, the banner changes to yellow and reads “Bets Closing.”

Finally, once betting has closed, the bet screen reads “Bets Closed” and changes to red. At this point, the screen gently lowers back into its original position under the table, and you once again have a complete view of all the action. After it moves, the bet screen changes to grey and reads “Wait For Next Game.”

If you look to the left of the bet screen, you’ll find another box with more controls. There’s a box where you can type a message and send it to the host. There’s also a table showing the history of the last 102 games. Finally, you’ll also see your balance and your total bet. Look on the right side of your screen and there’s a third box of information. This box contains tables with numerous roads to help you keep tabs on the trends, a camera icon to change camera views, the word “TABLE” to switch to different games, and the word “LOBBY,” which lets you exit the game and go back to the lobby.

From here, if you look to the upper right corner of your screen, you’ll see even more controls to help you manage your game. The chat bubble icon lets you type messages to other players at the game; the speaker icon turns the sound on and off; the gear icon lets you change general, video, audio, and scorecard settings; the clock icon shows you your history; the question mark icon lets you access the help menu; and the arrow icon lets you enter full-screen view.

Finally, take a look at the upper left corner of your screen and you’ll see the game name. Hover over this name and a table appears that shows you the types of bets, side bets, and bonus bets you can make in the game. This table also shows you the payouts for all of these bets. If you want to keep this information on your screen, you can click the pin button to make it stay there.

If at any time you forget what a button on your screen does, simply hover over it and a pop-up box will give you a description of its function. All these controls make the game simple to understand and use. When you enter, you’re more than welcome to sit for a few rounds to get a feel for the game, or you can jump right in and join the action.

Audio and Visuals

The first thing you notice about Evolution Gaming’s Live Baccarat is there’s no background music to take away from the action at the table. While the audio quality is so good you can hear the cards as they flip and slide, the microphone focuses on your table so the background noise from the other hosts is barely distinguishable. You’ll sometimes hear the light murmur of other voices, but this isn’t enough to distract you from your game.

Your host has a soft and pleasant voice that moves the game along nicely. She announces when betting opens and closes, the value of the cards as she turns them over, and whether the hand ended in a player win, banker win, or tie. If a player interacts with her by sending her a message, she responds by using their screen name. Sometimes she’ll also welcome new players to the game by their screen name.

The high-definition camera showcases two different views. The most common view is pointing directly at your host. However, the camera will also occasionally change to an overhead shot looking down at the cards. If you have a strong internet connection, you shouldn’t have to worry about bothersome lag or grainy images. The overall audio and video quality is so exceptional you’ll feel like you’re sitting at your favourite table in one of the popular Macau casinos. Instead, you’re enjoying all the excitement and fun from right inside your own home.