Immersive Roulette

Let your living room become a casino with a beautiful host in a lovely dress and a real roulette wheel on the screen. The Immersive Roulette game is a live casino experience for everyone lucky enough to log on. Players from around the world watch the dealers, who often have enticing and dreamy accents, spin the roulette wheel and show the winning numbers and colours.

Camera angles add a movie-theatre quality of suspense to each spin. Though you’re sitting at a screen instead of in a casino, in some ways this immersive experience is heightened more than real life can be. Slow motion shots of the ball landing in its pocket make each win feel that much more exciting.

Game facts

  • A live host spinning a real roulette wheel
  • Tablet, smartphone, and laptop compatible
  • Alternating camera angles
  • Slow motion shots of the ball dropping into its slot
  • 200 frames-per-second HD video
  • Hot and cold numbers for help with betting
  • Statistics from the last 500 games
  • Chip sizes range from £1 to £2,000

The tables and environment

Your dealer sits at a roulette table featuring nothing but the wheel. Unlike in the casino, the betting table itself is not connected to the wheel, because it displays on your screen instead. Otherwise, the table looks just like the wheels you expect to see in casinos. The bowl rim is matte black, reflecting and diffusing light. With some camera angles, you can see the shine on the ball track as the ball shoots through the wheel.

The turret is a shiny silver that reflects the lights from the surrounding studio. With each camera angle change, the turret brings new surprises, sometimes reflecting red or blue lights along with the white that’s typically shining. The ball pockets are the typical red and black, with each corresponding number displayed in a bold, white font that makes it easy to see whether or not you’re watching in HD.

Because the camera angle changes so often, you’ll get clear views of this horizontal table. When the ball is in play, the camera focuses on the table, and when it isn’t, the camera moves back to your dealer. It captures where your attention would go were you playing physically instead of online.

Your beautiful dealer sits in a studio, creating a close, intimate environment. Nothing else is happening here but this roulette game; there are no other dealers in the background and nothing will distract you from your current experience. The studio’s background is black, and spangled across it are white speckles that shine like stars. It’s an abstract homage to the interior of a casino: dark to the outside world, but lit from within with neon lights. As your host swivels in her chair, you see a few more details behind her. Wavy light bars ascend vertically through the black, changing from pink to blue as your eyes travel up them. Game stats also appear on a physical screen adjacent to your host, displaying which numbers are hot and how colours, evens, and odds are stacking up in percentages. Unlike your user interface, this screen is actually in the studio with the dealer.

Interface and user experience

The user interface is very intuitive, leading to a simple game experience you can spend hours enjoying. When it’s time to bet, a graphic stating Place Your Bets will appear on your screen. The betting table layout appears at the bottom of your screen. Once you select your bet from $1 to $10,000, you click the numbers, colours, or range you want to bet on.

Your balance, current bet, and number of games will display in the left-hand corner of your screen whenever the bet table layout appears. Controlling how you play is simple with this layout, which closely mimics the experience both of playing online roulette games and playing roulette in real life.

Though betting limits are in place, you have a few extra options. You can do both Neighbour and Special Bets. You can also save your favorite bets so you can use them over and over again as you play. This makes gameplay more automatic than even in a casino, which many online immersive players enjoy. When you win, your total win amount flashes across your screen. On the left-hand side, the other players who have won, including how much they won, scrolls after every roll.

Game controls are on the right-hand side of your screen. Change the volume, begin a chat, or get game statistics. Expand your view to full screen, get game help, or see your game history. From here, you can also disable the game’s slow motion feature, which will eliminate the slow-mo shots of the ball landing, though you can’t actually select the camera angles yourself. You can also change the video quality if you’re experiencing any lag or network connection issues. Each option is represented by an intuitive tile, with game settings appearing under the typical gear symbol, audio controls under the speaker, etc.

These details create a simple user experience that’s very easy to learn. People new to playing roulette will pick up the game rules and betting strategies quickly, and old hats will love the overall experience. Since the controls are very intuitive and help is just a click away, you won’t worry about getting the game to work correctly. With just a few clicks, you’ll be familiar with how Immersive Roulette works and ready to play for as long as you please.

Audio and visuals

The game begins with soft background music, playing just enough of a beat to entice you into the casino atmosphere. The music here isn’t the focus; instead, it provides an ambience of underlying excitement without taking away from your ultimate experience.

Once the roulette ball is in play, the sound effects pop. The game effects are louder than the background music, enhanced the way footsteps and blows are in movies and television. You hear the ball begin to spin; a low enticing sound that lets you know the game is afoot. The ball slows down and hits the wheelhead with satisfying clanks as it bounces across numbers before finally settling.

While you’re listening to the background music and the roulette game, you also have distinct audio from your dealer. She announces each spin, calls out the number and color, and if any players need to interact with her, she addresses them specifically. Though many online casino games like to replicate the sound of a casino in the background, Immersive Roulette benefits from lacking this extra noise. It’s just your game sounds, the background music, and your dealer, which cements the intimate game experience this exclusive studio environment creates.

Evolution has taken equal care with the game’s images. You see the ball clearly from multiple camera angles. Expect wide shots that encompass the entire table and the dealer and close shots that show you exactly where the ball has landed. Overhead views show you the entire wheel. The images aren’t grainy, and as long as your internet connection is solid, you shouldn’t experience any kind of lag. The overall audio and visual quality are excellent, giving you as close to a casino environment as you can get in your living room.