French Roulette

Discover the joys of French Roulette, a single-zero roulette game with odds far more forgiving than some of the other variants you’ve played. Play any time of day or night with a live dealer who speaks a handful of European languages, and discover a beautiful red studio and a French table that will inspire passion for the game within you. Get the majesty of a casino without leaving the comfort of your couch, and play on whichever device suits you best.

The user interface is full of features that make playing virtual roulette simple. From saving favourite bets to chatting with other players, you’ll learn these controls fast. If you’re a beginner, French Roulette’s La Partage rule gives you the best odds you’ll encounter. If you’re already experienced playing roulette, the extra features and easy betting will make this roulette game fly by. With 15 seconds to place each bet, the games fly by, and you have the chance to stack up your riches.

Game Facts

  • Available to play 24/7.
  • Features a live dealer with live chat capabilities.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices, smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • La Partage rule comes into play; when the ball lands on zero, you lose only half of an even-money bet.
  • Instead of a house advantage of 5.26 percent like in double-zero roulette, single-zero roulette has a house advantage of just 2.7 percent.
  • With La Partage, the house edge is just 1.35 percent.
  • French Roulette is available in English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, and Spanish.
  • The studio locations are in Malta, Latvia, Spain, Italy, Denmark, and Belgium.
  • Bets range from £2 to £50000.

The Tables and Environment

Instead of a double zero, French Roulette has a single zero, which changes the odds during the game. You’ll also recognize the La Partage rule, which changes the odds if the ball lands on zero. The bet table is red with white writing that’s in both English and French. The layout is slightly different, with the table appearing at an angles during one camera view, and the racetrack below one long side of the grid. The other camera view cuts out the bet table, and you see it only virtually at the bottom of your screen.

The roulette wheel is a customized, high-quality wheel that you may have seen in other Evolution Roulette games. It is mostly black, with white numbers printed on the red and black squares, and obvious slots for the ball. The turret is a beautiful silver, which is polished to a high shine and reflects the casino lights.

This studio environment is intimate because your dealer and table are the only games in view. Lights illuminate the table and the dealer clearly, and you can easily see the simple background, too. Behind the dealer is a mantle featuring an ornate clock and candlesticks, which rest just in front of angled wood panelling. The wallpaper and hangings within the studio are deep red, evoking thoughts of French romance and passion. Upon the wall is a decorative lantern, adding ambient light to the roulette table.

Your dealer sits at the wheel and next to the bet table. Whether you have a woman or a man, expect an attractive, elegant individual. The women wear beautiful dresses, and the men wear white shirts, black vests, and black bow-ties. Neat hair, facial hair, and makeup adorn these dealers, just as you’d expect to see at the most high-end real-life casinos.

Interface and User Experience

If you’ve played other Evolution Roulette games, this user interface will be a little different because it’s French-style Roulette. The bet table and interface appear both virtually and next to the dealer. Depending on your camera angle, you’ll see either a virtual bet table or the real one. You still get your chips arrayed beneath the bet table, making it simple for you to click your bets wherever you’d like to place them. The slightly different look will not impede you if you’re used to other Evolution games because the basics remain the same.

At the top right of your screen, a timer will count down the 15 seconds you have to place a bet. Choose chip sizes from £2 to £1,000. You also have a racetrack which allows you to quickly place call bets. You can choose neighbours, too, from as few as one to as many as eight, with just a click or two. Finally, save your favoruite bets to bet with a single click. On the bottom left, you’ll see your balance listed. Next to it is the amount you’ve placed on the bet table for the current round.

Depending on your choice of camera angle, you’ll see game statistics either to the right or the left of your screen. Either way, you can get the game statistics for the last 500 games, which show you hot and cold numbers. It displays in a long rectangle with gold edges, showing hot numbers in red and cold numbers in gold. You can choose how many previous games you’d like to view to get the hots and colds, so you can make informed bets. If you want to show or hide the statistics, click the little bar graph icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Your user interface also features a chat, which you can use to contact the dealer or to chat with other players. Hide your chat window whenever you’re betting to keep from distracting yourself. The dealer will verbally answer you, but other players will reply via text. The History icon will show you your own game history with Evolution, for French Roulette and for other games you’ve played through the virtual provider.

If you need assistance understanding the game rules, the betting, or any other aspect of French Roulette, simply click the Help icon to get a comprehensive list of instructions and information. However, playing French Roulette is quite intuitive and even beginners should pick it up fairly quickly thanks to Evolution’s simple user interface.

Audio and Visuals

You have three video quality controls: high, medium, and low. The game will automatically play in HD quality unless your connection is slow. Then, the game automatically detects what speed will best fit your connection, and chooses that one. You can manually control both the video and audio quality through your user interface, however.

Two camera angles are at your disposal during French Roulette by Evolution. Switch between classic view, which shows you the dealer head-on, and 3D view, which displays the table and the dealer at an angle. When the ball clatters into its slot, the camera will automatically zoom in on the roulette table to show you the details.

The sound quality is quite crisp. You can hear your dealer easily, and the sounds of the ball whirling around the table and landing on each number are wonderfully prominent. In the background, the murmur of voices is just detectable. It’s not as loud as actually being in a casino; it feels more like sitting in the corner while you’re dining at a fancy but only half-full restaurant. You’re aware that other games are happening in the studio thanks to this background noise, but it isn’t at all distracting to your game experience.