European Roulette Review

European Roulette from Evolution is the premiere roulette stop for European players. With an array of languages and studio locations, many players from Europe can tune into a dealer speaking their native language. An intuitive user interface and betting windows of 15 seconds ensure that the game is both quick and simple to play. After a few rounds, you’ll have the hang of European Roulette.

Immerse yourself in a live online game that brings aspects of a casino to your living room. European Roulette is good for beginners and experts; beginners will love how easy it is to learn to play Roulette thanks to the user interface. Experienced players will appreciate the fast games, the live dealer, and the significant betting options. This roulette game is a great addition to Evolution’s Live Roulette offerings.

This casino game was initially reviewed in October 2017.

The tables and enviroment

Your roulette table is a customized model you might find familiar from other Evolution Roulette games. It’s all black, except for the turret and the number slots. The turret is a burnished silver, shiny enough to reflect the casino light. The numbers are painted in white, and are clearly visible against the black of the rest of the wheel. It’s very obvious where the ball lands, because the table offers such significant contrast. Overall, the look is extremely attractive and upscale.

Your dealer sits at the roulette table. The betting table is attached, but you’re not likely to see it in focus on camera since it doesn’t come into play during the game. The true betting table is in your user interface instead. The dealer is in a studio with other casino games happening around her. You’ll see card tables in the background with other dealers sitting at them, doing their own interactive games. Don’t worry, they aren’t distracting; the camera is focused solely on your wheel and your dealer, so the background images are blurred.

Around your dealer, bouquets of flowers sit. The other dealers have flowers by them, too, giving the casino studio a distinct spring feel. Expect purple and ivory flowers arrayed in beautiful columns, placed perfectly to accent the game and the dealer. Chances are, your dealer’s dress will have purple and ivory in it so that she matches her surroundings in an elegant and understated way.

Interface and user experience

The interface for European Roulette is simple, and if you’ve played any of Evolution’s Roulette games before, it’ll seem very familiar. If this is your first time in Evolution Roulette, you’ll get the hang of it very fast because betting is quite intuitive.

Your betting field appears below the wheel on your screen, and you get 15 seconds to place each bet before the ball goes into play. A timer lets you know how much betting time is left. You can choose from 15 of your Favorite Bets, or create a new bet each time. You’ve got lots of options, including neighbors, and you can choose between one and eight neighbors for your bet, which other roulette games don’t have.

To place your bets, click on one of the chip graphics arrayed beneath your bet table. Chips range from €1 to €1,000. Place those chips on the bet table where you’d like to bet. If you want to undo the bet, hit the undo button before bets close. If you want to change your chip amount, simply click a different chip and keep placing those virtual chips. To the left of this interface is your balance and the total amount you’ve betted on this Roulette round.

A racetrack interface allows you to make call bets quickly. Simply click your call bet on the racetrack and your bet automatically pops onto your bet table. If you don’t want to look at the racetrack or use call bets, you can hide it to remove clutter from your user interface.

To the left of your screen you’ll see a little chat bubble icon. Use that icon to chat with both the dealer and other players. If you need to communicate with the dealer, she will answer you verbally on camera.

Game stats are very comprehensive to give you the best chance of making winning bets. Get the hot and cold numbers from the last 500 rounds. You can alter the number of rounds to find out more recent hot and cold numbers, too. Click on Winning Numbers to find out the winners in the last rounds played. You can also click on History to find out your own play and win history for all Evolution Roulette games, not just European Roulette.

One of the best features European Roulette from Evolution offers is multi-table playing. You can open as many as four Roulette games at once, and play all those tables at the same time in your game window.

Audio and visuals

You have three view options when you play European Roulette. Choose the classic camera angle to see a front view of the roulette wheel and the dealer. Change to 3D view to get a different angle on the table. In this view, the dealer is positioned to one side of your screen but still clearly visible. You can also choose multi-camera, which changes from far shots to close-ups as the ball spins and lands. When the ball is in action, multi automatically focuses on the ball to create an immersive and intimate Roulette experience.

The video streams in HD that automatically customizes to the bandwidth available on your device. If you’re experiencing lag, try using a slightly lower resolution so you can play in real-time without any issues. Customization for both sound and video quality is available in your user settings. The video will play on Android and iOS devices. You do not have to download anything to your desktop to play European Roulette; simply opening a browser window and logging on will get you to the game screen.

You can hear other casino sounds in the background during this game. However, your game’s sounds are turned up. You hear clearly when the ball bounces and lands in its spot. You also hear the dealer very clearly when she speaks. She reads out the winning number, lets you know when it’s time to bet, and verbally answers any players who chat with her.

The casino sounds in the background create a more realistic environment. Like in a typical casino, you hear other dealers narrating their games, and a few game sounds. The only sounds missing are the beeps and clinks of slot machines, since none of those exist in this studio casino. Overall, the high-quality visuals and the casino sounds make this immersive game feel like a true casino, but from the comfort of wherever you happen to be.


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