Double Ball Roulette

Enjoy the excitement of two balls playing Evolution Gaming’s Live Double Ball Roulette. You’ll enjoy double the fun playing this unique roulette game, which brings the thrill of the casino anywhere you have an internet connection. Join players from around the world placing their bets in real-time. The live play gives this game a sense of immediacy lacking in many online casino environments.

Double Ball Roulette was pioneered in land-based casinos, but it’s still a relatively new style of roulette. For many people, the online game may be the first time they’ve played double ball. Its rules follow traditional roulette though, so it’s easy for anyone already familiar with this classic casino game to understand the new version. However, two balls unlock a number of different betting strategies and opportunities. The prospect of an elusive Double Ball Jackpot and higher potential payouts for outside bets keep many players spinning.

Evolution Gaming’s multi-camera view gives you the best vision of your charming casino croupier and classic European roulette wheel. Listening to the balls spinning around the wheel helps builds the suspense with every bet.

Game Facts

  • Two balls, which help separate this game from traditional roulette
  • The prospect of a Double Ball Jackpot when both balls land on the same number, which attracts a 1300:1 payout
  • Studio environment with a live casino host spinning a real European roulette wheel
  • Tablet, smartphone, and laptop-compatible
  • Choice of classic and multi-view camera modes
  • Superior 200 frames-per-second high-definition video
  • Graphics showing history from the last 500 games and hot and cold numbers
  • Chat function for communicating with the dealer
  • Chip sizes range from £0.25 to £500

The Tables and Environment

Your well-dressed host sits at a roulette table in an uncluttered studio set. This simple design minimises distractions and makes the game feel more intimate and appealing. Neon animated graphics in the background add visual interest to the set design. Unlike in the casino, the betting table isn’t connected to the roulette wheel. Instead, it’s displayed on the screen, giving you the best view.

The wheel in Live Double Ball Roulette has a classic European design, with a matte black bowl rim and shiny silver turret. The ball pockets are rendered in traditional black and red, with bold white numbers that are easy to read at a glance.

In multi-view camera mode, the camera angle changes frequently to give you the best view of the action at all times. When the ball is in play, the camera focuses on the spinning wheel. After the ball settles and during the betting time, the camera’s attention shifts back to the dealer. The camera work is intuitive, with vision capturing where you’d instinctively look if you were playing in a real casino rather than an online version.

Roulette game statistics appear on a panel next to your host to help you make more informed betting decisions. You’ll learn which numbers are running hot and cold and see spin statistics represented graphically for as many as 500 previous rounds.

Interface and User Experience

Evolution Gaming’s user interface is very intuitive, ensuring that people new to roulette can join in the fun alongside more seasoned players. When it’s time to bet, the words “Place Your Bets” appear on the screen, below the host video. The betting table layout is beneath these words. You select your bet amount from £0.25 to £500, then click the numbers, colours, or range of slots you want to bet on.

Your betting balance, current bet, and number of games show up in the left-hand corner of your screen while the bet table appears to help you keep track of your betting account. This clear layout makes it easy to take control of your gameplay.

Neighbour and Special Bet options add variety to the game play. You can repeat your last bet, save your favourite bets to replay later, or vary your wager after any spin. The ability to replay bets, using repeat or saved bets, helps speed up and simplify game play when compared to betting in a traditional casino.

Your total win flashes across the screen after a successful bet. You can also see the handles and win amounts of other lucky players on the left side of the screen.

Game controls on the right side of the screen let you take charge of your gaming experience. The controls are represented by standard icons for an intuitive user experience and clean, uncluttered look.

Controls let you change the volume, start chatting to the host and other players, or view the game statistics. You can also change the viewing mode from standard to full-screen, see your game history, and view the help menu to deepen your understanding of Live Double Ball Roulette. You can also change the video quality from the default high-quality setting to high-definition (to improve the look) or to medium-quality (if you’re suffering network connection issues or lag).

People new to roulette are likely to grasp the game rules and betting strategies quickly. More experienced players will find Live Double Ball Roulette has everything they love about casino roulette, with the added fun of an extra ball. If you ever get stuck, assistance is just a click away thanks to the comprehensive help menu and chat feature. Just a few rounds is all it takes to feel confident playing Live Double Ball Roulette from Evolution Gaming.

Audio and Visuals

Soft background music adds atmosphere to the Live Double Ball Roulette game. It’s not loud enough to overshadow the host’s announcements, but you have the option to turn it off if you prefer.

Live Double Ball Roulette features male and female hosts, depending on when you play, with charming European accents. Their announcements about the betting process and the winning numbers complement the information on the screen. Your host will also address any users that need assistance by name.

Once the host releases the balls, the audio kicks up a notch with the sound of the balls spinning and then dancing over the wheel’s pockets, building your suspense. The sound of the balls is the focus here, outshining the background music and drawing your attention to the gameplay.

Unlike many online casino games, Live Double Ball Roulette has no background noise of slot machines and other tables. While some people may miss these sounds, saying they add to the casino atmosphere, the lack of external audio helps the game feel more intimate. It also makes it easier to hear your host’s instructions.

Evolution Gaming has taken great care to create visuals that really impress. The option of multiple camera angles makes you feel like part of the action rather than a passive observer because the camera captures what you’d see standing at the table. The combination of wide shots and close-up camera work makes sure you see as much, or as little, of the screen as you want. The high-definition video images are also very clear, smooth, and consistent, so long as you’re playing with a fast and reliable internet connection.

Superior audio and visual quality works together to give the illusion of spending time at a real roulette wheel, without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.