Evolution Deal or No Deal Live Review

Evolution Gaming Deal or No Deal Live is set to change the live casino landscape forever.

Created in partnership with Endemol Shine, exclusively with Evolution, this latest release from the provider is based on the hit TV game show with unique prize multipliers. It’s a high-energy contest of nerves, luck and raw intuition that combines RNG elements with live casino perfectly, catering for an unlimited number of players at once.

We’ve been waiting a while for this one and we’re sure you have been too! That said, settle in to learn how to play, what it pays, if it captures the thrill of its television predecessor and much more in our Deal or No Deal Live review.

This casino game was initially reviewed in April 2019.

Image source: Evolution Gaming
Evolution Deal or No Deal Live Review Quick Facts
ProviderEvolution Gaming
TypeLive dealer
Bespoke tableNo
Live dealersTwo
Opening hours24/7
Minimum bet€1
Maximum bet€1,000
Special betsNo
StatisticsPayouts, Account history
Favourite betsNo
Instant chatYes
Camera anglesMultiple
Video settingsMedium, High, HD
CompatibilityDesktop, Tablet, Mobile

What is Deal or No Deal Live?

Deal or No Deal Live by Evolution Gaming is a multi-layered live casino game show title that combines RNG-based qualifying and prize-top up rounds with a live hosted game show inspired by the hit Deal or No Deal TV game show, to quote its creator.This game has been talked about for quite some time now but it was only confirmed to officially be in the works in early 2018 when Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution Gaming, revealed they were collaborating with Endemol Shine on the project.


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How to play Deal or No Deal Live

You can break down how to play Deal or No Deal Live into subparts but before you run through a game round step-by-step, let’s get the objective of the game crystal clear. It’s identical to the TV show in that you’re to correctly predict whether the amount of money in the last of 16 briefcases will be higher than the Banker’s offer when your host asks Deal Or No Deal?.

As this is a new concept to live casino, this software supplier lists its three parts when you first launch the game. These are:

Image source: Evolution Gaming

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the Deal or No Deal Live game – qualification for the game show, the Top Up wheel and the main game show.

Qualification for the game show

To qualify for the game show, you’ll be required to spin the three-reel bank vault wheel and align the gold segments in the upper central sector of the wheel. You can spin this as many times as you’d like to within the allotted time frame (it’ll cost you your selected bet amount each time) and increase your qualification chances by buying one or two rings by selecting easy or very easy, respectively, on the interface.

If you opt to do the latter, the gold segments on the bought rings will automatically be aligned on the top such that it increases your bet amount by three times for easy and nine times for very easy. Should you not qualify within the qualification time (there’s a countdown timer at the centre of the wheel), you’ll automatically be offered qualification for the next round.

During the game round, you’ll also have the option to select any of the briefcases to be the biggest-prized briefcase. Simply click/tap on one of the prizes values listed on both the left and right-hand sides of the stream. Keep in mind that the bigger your bet, the greater the value in the briefcases to qualify with for the game show. Each spin you make sets the amount of money in the biggest-prize briefcase by 75x–500x your bet and, again, you can do this as many times as you please within the time available.

If you’re successful, you’ll unlock the vault door that grants you access to the game show portion and move on to the Top Up wheel.

The Top Up wheel

Now that you’ve qualified, the Top Up wheel appears and you’re given the option to top up the amount of money in the briefcase you chose to be the biggest-prize briefcase by 5x–50x your bet.

In order to do this, you’ll need to select your Top Up bet amount and spin the wheel. Again, you’re able to spin this wheel as many times as you wish in the time provided (the same countdown timer appears) and each one will cost you your selected bet amount.

Deal or No Deal Live Main Game Show

Next, the main game round begins where you enter as a contestant.

You’ll see what the studio setup looks like further down but for now, just know that there are 16 randomly distributed briefcases in view – the Contestant’s and fifteen others. Each of the 16 briefcases contains a number between 1 and 16.

Throughout the game show, the host’s assistant gradually opens the briefcases revealing the briefcase numbers and the amount of money they contain. At the end of each phase of briefcase openings, the Banker – seen in silhouette at the back of the studio – makes a Deal or No Deal offer specific to each player, which is relayed on-screen and once a briefcase has been opened, it no longer participates in the game show.

There are five phases of briefcase openings as follows:

First opening and offer

In this first round, three of the 16 randomly distributed briefcases are opened, the Banker makes a Deal Or No Deal? offer and waits for your decision which can be any of the following:

  • If you choose deal, then your amount of money won is displayed in the winning message and added to your balance. At this time, you’re also offered the opportunity to return to the qualification round.
  • If you choose no deal, you’ll continue to play.
  • If you fail to choose within the decision time, your move is interpreted as no deal and the game continues.

Second opening and offer

Four more randomly distributed briefcases are opened. The Banker then makes a Deal Or No Deal? offer and waits for your decision.

Third opening and offer

Four additional briefcases are opened, followed by the Banker’s Deal Or No Deal? offer and time for you to make your decision.

Fourth opening and offer

This time three more randomly distributed briefcases are opened, leaving only the contestant’s briefcase and the one other remaining briefcase. The Banker makes a slightly different final offer with three options this time – deal, switch briefcases or no deal. Your decision will affect the following scenarios:

  • Choose deal to take the offer and collect your winnings.
  • Choose switch briefcases if you believe that the amount of money in the other last remaining briefcase is higher.
  • Choose no deal to keep your assigned briefcase.

Final opening

Now the last two briefcases are opened. If you chose no deal, you’ll win the prize of your assigned briefcase whereas if you chose to switch briefcases, you’ll win the prize of the other briefcase.

Your game show winnings will appear on-screen, after which you’ll be returned to the qualification round.

Deal or No Deal Live Game Rules

There aren’t too many Deal or No Deal Live game rules that we haven’t touched upon already but as they’re an essential part of the game, dedicate some more time to ensuring they’re clear in your mind.

Remember, you’ll only qualify for the game round once the three golden rings on the first wheel align into the upper section of the wheel. There are approved ways to increase your chances of qualifying as you saw above but if this requirement is not met, you won’t move onto the main game.

In addition to this main rule, all your actions must be performed within the given time frame and you must remain courteous to the dealers and other players on instant chat.

Deal or No Deal Live RTP and Payouts

Now let’s get to the good stuff – the Deal or No Deal payouts and RTP.

The game’s optimal return to player percentage is 95.42% while the payouts are listed in the table for your reference. The higher the number on the briefcase, the higher the multiplier inside it. These range from 0.10x to 500x to be exact. Take a look for yourself below and keep this table handy as you play should you wish to refer to what each one pays.


Do keep in mind that any malfunction whilst you’re playing will void the round in question including all its eventual payouts.

Can you play Deal or No Deal Live for free?

Deal or No Deal Live has been in making for a number of years. Conceptualisation to a ready-for-players product has involved a large amount of R&D investment not to mention the day-to-day running of the studio now that the game is high. It is for these reasons that you are unable to play Deal or No Deal Live for free. Despite this, you’re able to enter the game to take a look around and familiarise yourself with how it’s played. Given that this is a never-before-seen live casino game show concept, we recommend you do just take before you bet your chips.

Deal or No Deal Live Strategy & Tips

Given the longstanding history of this game show, it’s only natural that the question What is the Deal or No Deal Live winning strategy?” has come up before. Many mathematicians, statisticians, and economists have been captivated by the game’s simple premise and use it as a basis to study decision making under risk and as a case study for utility theory (that is, the satisfaction that each choice provides to the decision maker).

When discussions concerning the best Deal or No Deal Live strategy come up, they typically center around the concept of maximising the expected value of the prize. In mathematics, the expected value is defined as the predicted value of a variable, calculated as the sum of all possible values each multiplied by the probability of its occurrence.

If you were to apply this in practice, when the Banker makes an offer to you, choose the offer only if it is greater than the average value of all the opened cases and decline it when it is less. Do keep in mind that the Banker’s offer usually never exceeds the average value of the closed cases and thus you’d be declining his/her offer most of the time by adopting this strategy.

On the other hand, you may consider the utility of money as the guiding principle of the decision you choose to make. For example, if the €20 Banker offer provides you with more utility than the potential of winning €50, stick to the lower offer.

Lastly, if you’re more tolerant to risk and willing to accept that you may win less than the Banker’s offer, you can choose to decline it on the chance that the value of the unopened cases is higher.

Do remember that the game is completely random, no matter what any Reddit thread claims or the success stories of individuals who lucked out. Always play within your means and step away when gambling is no longer fun.

The wheels

Evolution Deal or No Deal Live Review - 2
Evolution Deal or No Deal Live Review - 11

Image source: Evolution Gaming

Much like a standard round, there are many parts that make up this game. We’ll start with the two wheels – the qualification one and the Top Up wheel. The former is a three-reel bank vault wheel made up of gold and silver segments. As you saw earlier, the aim of your spins is to align the gold segments in the upper central sector of the wheel to unlock the bank vault door.

If you’re successful in doing this, you’ll enter the game show round and the Top Up wheel – which you can think of as the main Deal or No Deal Live wheel – appears. Again, it consists of various gold and silver segments plus a bright red one for the coveted 500x multiplier. As a reminder, you can spin this as many times as you please within the allotted time to top up the amount of money in the briefcase you chose to be the biggest-prize briefcase by 5x–50x your bet.

The environment

Similarly, the studio set-up of this new game is just as multifaceted.

The first two parts of every round are digital overlays of the two wheels but pay close attention and you’ll see that there’s more to the background. While you’re spinning these wheels, a blurred out version of the end of the previous round can be seen. You’re able to make the Contestant briefcase amount and other briefcases off in the distance.

When you qualify for the main game, everything comes into focus. The modern studio’s main colours are a bright orange and blue plus variations of those shades that really enhance the overall intensity of the game.

There are 16 briefcases each round – one Contestant briefcase that sits on the table in the forefront of the studio while the 15 remaining briefcases are set in two orderly rows in the background.

The hosts

Evolution Deal or No Deal Live Review - 24
Evolution Deal or No Deal Live Review - 14

Image source: Evolution Gaming

Typically, we speak of dealers or croupiers here but as there are no cards to deal or balls to spin, we’ll refer to the individuals who lead your game as hosts.

There are at least two people on set at any one time – the host and the host’s assistant. The former is found next to the Contestant briefcase and a hotline to the Banker while the host’s assistant moves between the fifteen briefcases at the back.

Just as in the long-running TV show, the host is typically male, wearing a deep blue suit whilst the assistant is a woman in sparkly blue dress.

What it looks like and how it works

You’ve learnt how to play Deal or No Deal and what it pays, so let’s move on to how this fantastic game show reaches your desktop and smartphone. For clarity’s sake, our testing device was an HP laptop in a 1GB download-speed Internet connection. Now, let’s get into it, starting with how it looks.


Evolution Deal or No Deal Live Review - 1
Evolution Deal or No Deal Live Review - 11
Evolution Deal or No Deal Live Review - 8
Evolution Deal or No Deal Live Review - 7

Image source: Evolution Gaming

Just as with its game show predecessors – Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher, Evolution adapted its standard interface to suit this new style of game. It’s ¾ video stream and ⅓ digitally-rendered betting layout. Let’s take a closer look at what the latter looks like for now.

You could argue that there are three mini-interfaces within this game – each for the three subparts we mentioned above. The first features the qualification wheel front and centre, the second features the Top Up wheel with the possibility to select any of the briefcases to be the biggest-prized briefcase. Lastly, there’s the main game show area where you’ll choose to accept or reject the Banker’s offers.

Other fundamental elements of the interface remain fixed throughout. These include the ability to add another three tables to the gaming window and access to the lobby to the bottom, far-right. On the opposite side, you’ll find an overview of your current casino balance and your total bet. Above this, you’ll find the original payouts table you saw above with the option to pin it in place.

The remainder of the controls can be found to the top right including an overview of your account history, game information via the ? icon, audio and visual settings we’ll touch on shortly and the ability to play in full screen by pressing the last button in that row.


Evolution Deal or No Deal Live Review - 12
Evolution Deal or No Deal Live Review - 6

Image source: Evolution Gaming

Unlike traditional games, there is no virtual betting layout that rises during betting time. Instead, the two wheels appear as described above, with a countdown timer in the centre to advise on betting time. You’ll use the Bet button in the centre to place your bet, but before you do so use the controls either side to increase your qualification chances from Normal, Easy or Very Easy and to set your bet amount.

Audio and Visuals

Evolution Deal or No Deal Live Review - 9

Image source: Evolution Gaming

As expected for such a title, the suspenseful game show music draws you in from the get-go and really sets the scene. It’s in sync with what’s going on set such that it builds up suspense to those nail-biting moments. That being said, you can hear the host perfectly, who comments on the remaining briefcases and the Banker’s offers to players. Don’t forget, you can control these settings via the speaker and cog icons on the interface as usual.

This game is streamed from Riga, in one of their state-of-the-art studio set-ups with a multi-camera installation to capture the action from all angles. There’s the primary wide shot that shows the entire set complemented by various close-up shots of the hosts, opened briefcases and more. As with other titles from this provider, you may set the quality to either medium, high or HD, according to what best suits your Internet speed. For the best playing experience, be sure that the auto adjust setting is ticked.

What do you think about Deal or No Deal Live?

You might not have an answer right away but if you enjoy watching the TV show we’re almost certain you’ll enjoy playing Deal or No Deal Live. Once you place some bets, qualify for the main game and open a couple of briefcases, send stories of your wins, experiences with the dealers and anything else to feedback@livecasino.com, we’d love to hear from you!

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