Blackjack Live

Blackjack is a casino classic. This card game is easy to play, with seven players seated at the table and a live dealer guiding the action. Blackjack players attempt to get their cards as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it, while betting against the dealer, who is attempting the same. In Evolution Gaming’s Live Blackjack, you get to pull up a seat at a studio casino, where a real professional deals your hand. There are no computer algorithms or virtual players in this game. It’s all authentic, and you’re part of the action.

Live chat lets you interact with your dealer as well as the other players in the game. You’ll join not only the others at your table, but those betting behind them as well. This format allows a large group of virtual players to gather around the table, creating a lively and immersive environment that comes close to that of a real casino.

Game Facts

  • Multiple live blackjack tables make it easy to get a seat.
  • Tables feature seven seats and allow an unlimited number of players to bet behind, so you can always join in on the fun.
  • Insurance, double down, and split pair bets give you plenty of opportunities to customise your gameplay to suit your needs.
  • Optional Perfect pairs and 21+3 side bets let you take the betting to a new level.

The Tables and Environment

Evolution Gaming’s Live Blackjack is played on a melon-orange table with crisp white lettering. Around the room, you’ll find engaging themed accents such as a beach ball, plastic cactus, and beach umbrella to add to the playful feel of the space. White upholstered walls feature LeoVegas posters. An oversized LeoVegas lion logo in the far corner of the room illuminates the space.

This live blackjack game takes place in a studio casino. A roulette table is visible in the far background, and you can hear the murmur of other dealers in the same room, giving the game a busy and bustling feel. Beautifully lit, the studio table offers a clear view of all the action.

The camera angle gives you a sharp, slightly elevated view of the dealer and table. You can see all seven hands on the table with equal clarity. This is an important feature because this game of blackjack accepts bets on not only your own hand, but those of others at the table as well.

Interface and User Experience

The player interface for Blackjack Live from Evolution Gaming makes it easy to join the action. When a seat at the table becomes available, you’ll see a bright green circle inviting you to “Sit Here.” You don’t have to snag a seat to join the fun, though. You’re invited to place a bet every time a new betting round begins.

At the beginning of the round, you’ll see all your available chips light up on the screen. You can place your chips on your hand, on your side bets, or on other players. Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets are available in this blackjack game. If you place your chips on another player’s hand, you will bet behind them. You have no control over their play, but you stand to win or lose as they do.

When you bet behind another player, you have additional options to consider. In the settings, you can choose whether to double your own bet when the player you’re betting behind doubles down. You can also choose whether to double your bet or bet on the left hand only if your player splits.

If you’re seated at the table, you’ll see gameplay options as soon as you’re dealt at least two cards. Large buttons appear in the centre of the screen prompting you to double down, hit, or stand. If you have two cards of the same value, you will also have the option to split into two hands as you attempt to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. At the end of the round, icons will appear over every player’s hand indicating whether they win, lose, bust, or flush.

Insurance is available in this blackjack game, and the easily understandable interface will prompt you to purchase or decline insurance on your bet when the dealer turns over an ace. Insurance offsets the risk of the dealer getting a blackjack with this hand. Insurance equals half of your main bet.

With each betting round, you have the option to double, repeat, or undo your bet. Once you’ve placed your bet, you can click the “deal now” button to prompt the dealer to continue with the game. You will still have to wait for all others to place their bets, but this can speed up your gameplay moderately, particularly if you don’t have a full table.

If you’re looking for players to bet behind, watch for the hot streak gold medals on players at the table. Those who are on a winning streak will have a medal icon with the number of winning hands highlighted on it. This will help you gauge how skilled or lucky a particular player is. You may want to place your bets on someone who is on a winning streak, or you may choose to bet on other players, feeling that they’re “due” for a good hand.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Blackjack table has room for seven seated players and a seemingly unlimited number of additional participants who bet behind those at the table. Everyone can interact in the live chat screen. This game’s interface allows you to open, close, and move the chat box. When an animated discussion is going on in the chat screen, your dealer may participate in the conversation as well, adding to the thrill of playing blackjack in this live video format.

Audio and Visuals

Live Blackjack from Evolution Gaming gives you ample control over the audio and visual settings so you can customise your game to suit your tastes. You can manually adjust the video quality, selecting from low, medium, high, and HD options. If you prefer to simply enjoy the highest video quality available, you can set the game to auto adjust.

With auto adjust enabled, the game will automatically switch to the best quality available depending on your connection. Though your quality may change several times during the game, this process ensures the most stable connection with the least lag.

The game’s audio options allow you to adjust the volume for the game sounds and the dealer’s voice. You can change these independent of one another to prioritise the audio that you’re most interested in. You also have the option to mute the game sounds if you prefer to focus solely on the cards. Allowing at least some of the audio to come through will give you a richer experience because you’ll be able to hear the live dealer’s comments and banter throughout the game.

If you’re looking for a live blackjack game that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, Live Blackjack from Evolution Gaming fills the bill. This feature-packed game has all the elements you need for a lively and entertaining game.