Bet Behind

Blackjack takes on a fresh new face in Evolution Gaming’s Bet Behind. This live game adds a new level of complexity to traditional blackjack play. If you’re new to the game and prefer to observe or bet on others’ expertise, this is a perfect way to familiarise yourself with the game. Bet Behind is also well-suited to experienced players who can keep a smart eye on several hands at once, spreading their wealth appropriately and profiting from the luck of those around them.

With Bet Behind, you can bet on both your hand and those of the players around you. Whether you snag a seat or place your bets from afar, you can join in the action with a seemingly limitless number of players in this online blackjack game. There are seven seats at the table, but you don’t have to occupy one to have fun with this game. Blackjack players of all skill levels will find something to enjoy with Bet Behind, one of the live studio blackjack games offered by Evolution Gaming.

Game Facts

  • A nearly unlimited number of players can bet behind the seven seated at the table, growing the game to draw in a large pool of participants.
  • Players can bet behind without sitting at the table or bet behind fellow players while seated.
  • Medals shown beside seated players make it easy to spot who’s on a hot streak and how successful their play has been.
  • Unlimited bet behind functionality allows players to bet behind any or all players at the table.
  • Advanced settings let you customise your bets behind other players to double down or split your bets appropriately, in accordance with the player’s actions.

The Tables and Environment

Evolution Bet Behind is a live blackjack game featuring an engaging dealer and colourful casino environment. The cards are dealt on a cheerful sherbet-orange table with white markings on it that’s perfectly in line with LeoVegas’s branding. The signature lion logo is illuminated in the far corner of the room, along the plush upholstered walls. LeoVegas posters line the walls as well.

Playful accessories set the mood for fun with elements like a stuffed lion, beach ball, beach umbrella, and mason jar beverage situated throughout the room. Players view the table head-on, facing the dealer. A slightly elevated camera angle offers a clear view of every hand on the table.

Bet Behind from Evolution Gaming is set in a studio casino. You can see a roulette table in the background, adding to the authentic casino feel of the game. Outstanding lighting gives players a clear view of the cards and table, so it’s easy to participate in the fun as though you’re really settled into a seat at the table.

Interface and User Experience

Evolution Gaming’s Bet Behind blackjack offers a wealth of features that let you customise your game and place the perfect bets based on your taste for risk and experience with the game. When you enter the game, you’re prompted to set a game session duration reminder. This will give you a gentle nudge when you’ve been in the game for a certain length of time so that your schedule doesn’t get away from you in the thrill of this live blackjack session.

If a seat is available at the blackjack table, you can sit down immediately and begin playing your hand. However, this Bet Behind Evolution game also lets you join the action solely by betting on the players already at the table. If no seats are available, you can begin wagering on the players who are already active in the game.

If you’re seated at the table, you’ll see a selection of gameplay options as soon as you receive your first two cards. Large buttons make it easy to choose whether you want to double down, hit, stand, or split. You can choose your play early or wait until the dealer gets to you. A timer lets you know how long you have to decide. If you don’t take action in the allotted time, the dealer will assume that you want to stand.

At the beginning of each round, your chips pop up on the screen. You can place your chips on your own hand if you’re seated at the table, as well as on other players’ hands. Click on the chips you want to bet, then click on your seat at the table to set the chips there. The only visible chips are those that can be covered by your balance. The repeat button allows you to place previous bets easily with a single click.

Bet behind as many players as you’d like by placing your chips in the appropriate spots around the table. When you set your bet behind another player, you’ll also get options to double your bet when your player doubles down and double your bet or bet on the left hand only when your player splits. Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets are available as well.

It’s easy to follow the progress of the game thanks to the handy icons that appear over players throughout the game. At the end of each hand, you’ll see these icons over each player, indicating whether they won or lost. Hot players receive additional icons. A gold medal indicates a winning streak. The number on the medal lets you know how many rounds the player has won. Ribbons and stars offer additional indicators as to how “hot” a player is. Balance and total bet indicators in the bottom left of the screen let you track your own funds throughout the game.

A chat box lets you interact with the dealer as well as other players. The dealer will respond to text entered in the chat box, so you can follow along with another’s conversation or join in by reading the chat text and listening to dealer responses. You can hide or unhide text from other players if you don’t want to participate in a particular line of conversation. You can collapse the chat box if you prefer to focus on the game or move it around the screen for a layout that feels comfortable to you.

Audio and Visuals

This live blackjack game takes place in a busy studio casino, so you’ll hear the murmur of other dealers and games in the background as you play. Audio settings allow you to mute or adjust the volume of the dealer’s voice and other game sounds so you can customise your game environment. You can allow your device to auto adjust the game quality, or set it yourself to low, medium, high, or HD quality.

You can choose to show or hide side bets from other players, so you can follow along with everyone’s gameplay or focus solely on your own. These customisation options let you create a distinctive gaming environment that gives you just what you’re after in your blackjack game.

Bet Behind blackjack from Evolution Gaming offers an action-packed environment where you can engage with gameplay beyond the scope of your own hand. Betting behind others offers an engaging new aspect of gameplay that’s perfect for players who want a hand in all the action, from their own seat to all those around them.