Baccarat Squeeze

Get swept away in excitement with Live Baccarat Squeeze from Evolution Gaming. Across from you is your beautiful host in a stunning red dress, who leads the game with a soft and calm voice. Multiple camera angles give you a unique view of the game as it unfolds, and helps you feel even more immersed in the action. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced player, you’ll appreciate the suspense and authenticity offered in this popular game.

The most exciting part of the game is the distinctive squeeze feature, where the host offers a peek of the card for everyone to see before fully turning it over. While the practice of the squeeze is certainly damaging to the cards, it’s also fun for players, and it adds one more thrilling layer to the game.

Game Facts

  • Optimised for desktop, tablet, and smartphone play
  • Studio environment with a live host
  • Simple user interface
  • Standard baccarat gaming rules and table payouts apply
  • Table showing history of last 102 games
  • Over 15 high-definition cameras
  • Alternating camera angles
  • Tantalising close-ups of cards during squeeze
  • Choice of roads to help you with your betting decision
  • Chips ranging from £1 to £5,000

The Tables and Environment

Begin your game of Live Baccarat Squeeze and you’ll find your host sitting in a maroon chair at a bean-shaped table. The close camera angle creates an intimate environment which feels like it’s just the two of you at the table.

The table has a gold fabric cover with a light pattern and a dark wood border. The cards have a red back to stand out on the gold table. On the table you’ll see white print indicating where the player cards are dealt and where the banker cards are dealt. To the left of the host is the card holder and the yellow banker tile, and to the right of the host is the card deposit and the red player tile. Aside from these items, the table is very open and clean.

Your lovely host sits in the front of the studio, and there are two other hosts behind her sitting at their own tables. The background of the studio is very reminiscent of a casino in Macau. There are two bubble tubes on each side of your host, and the lighting coming up from these tubes has a faint yellow glow to it. There’s also a transparent screen with golden Asian symbols beside the bubble tubes and leading back to the other tables.

Behind the back two tables there’s a bubble wall accented with light blue lights and blossoming silk trees. Different shades of orange, gold, and red throughout the decor give the entire studio a warm glow. Even though there are other dealers in the background, their voices are soft enough that you rarely hear them.

Interface and User Experience

The interface and user experience for Live Baccarat Squeeze is very simple and intuitive. When it’s time to place your bet, a screen will raise slightly above your table where you can click player, tie, or banker. Along the bottom of the bet screen you’ll see your chips. You have 18 seconds to place your bet, and a countdown clock on the bottom of the bet screen helpfully keeps track of how much time you have left. Additionally, the text along the top of the bet screen reads “Place Your Bets” in green. When there are five seconds remaining, this banner turns yellow and changes to read “Bets Closing.”

Once bets have closed the bet screen turns red and reads “Bets Closed.” The screen slides neatly back in place below the table so you have a clear view of the action, turns grey, and reads “Wait For Next Game.” To the left of the bet screen is the text box where you can type a message for the host, a table showing the history of the wins, your balance, and your total bet. To the right of the bet screen you’ll find a large selection of roads for keeping tabs on the trends, the icon to switch camera views, the icon to change tables, and the icon to take you out of the game and back to the lobby.

On the upper left corner of your screen you can hover over the game name to see a table that shows you the type of bets, side bets, and bonus bets you can make, as well as the payouts for all of these bets. There’s also an option to pin the information and keep it on your screen.

Finally, on the upper right portion of your screen you’ll find a chat box where you can interact with other players, a button to turn the sound on and off, a settings button with options to change general, video, audio, and scorecard settings. your account history, the help button, and a button to change to full-screen view.

If you’re not sure what a button does, simply hover over it and a helpful pop-up box will appear to give you a description. The uncluttered screen and easy-to-use controls all come together to create a gaming experience that’s exciting and simple to learn. When you first enter you can watch for a few rounds to get an understanding of the game, or you can simply jump right in and begin playing for as long as you want. If you ever have a question help is just a click away.

Audio and Visuals

As the game begins, you’ll notice there’s no background music to distract you from your game. The audio quality is exceptional, allowing you to hear the cards as they flick and slide across the table while remaining focused on your table. You can hear just a slight murmur from the other hosts and the occasional footsteps as hosts change tables. However, this background noise is not distracting and won’t take away from your game.

Your host’s soft voice leads the game. She announces when betting is open and when it closes. She also announces each card as she turns it over. When she does the card sneak peeks, she describes what you’re seeing on the top and sides and what either the banker or player is hoping for. If a player interacts with her, she addresses them by their screen name.

With over 15 high-definition cameras capturing the game, you know you’ll get plenty of angles to enjoy the excitement. There are wide shots that take in the entire studio and show the other hosts dealing behind your host. You’ll also get side shots when your host is turning over the player and banker cards. When your host is doing the sneak peek, you’ll get a crystal clear close-up shot of the card. You’ll also occasionally get a close-up of the dealer when she announces the winning hand.

As long as you have a solid internet connection, you shouldn’t experience any type of lag or grainy images. With excellent overall quality of both audio and visual, Evolution Gaming’s Live Baccarat Squeeze is a game that will make you feel like you’re in the VIP area of a Macau casino, even though you never left your house.