Baccarat Control Squeeze

Take control of the exciting squeeze feature in Live Baccarat Control Squeeze by Evolution Gaming. Players from all over the world log on to interact with the lovely host and enjoy the thrill of this popular game. The unique camera angles and high-definition quality add the perfect touch to the game. Direct interaction with the cards helps make this live game feel like you’re seated in a real casino.

Game Facts

  • Studio environment with a live host
  • Optimised for desktop, tablet, and smartphone play
  • Glass panel inlays on the custom-designed table
  • Two cameras integrated under the table for a live stream of the real card faces
  • Table showing history of last games
  • Chips ranging from £1 to £5,000
  • Choice of roads to help with your betting decision

The Tables and Environment

When you begin playing Live Baccarat Control Squeeze by Evolution Gaming, you’ll find your lovely host in a stunning red dress seated in a maroon chair behind a bean-shaped table. The table has a gold fabric with a light circle and diamond pattern on the top and a dark wood border. On the top of the table, you’ll see white print indicating where the player cards go and where the banker cards go. Just above this print is the unique glass panel inlay that houses cameras where you control the sneak peek of the cards. On the host’s left side is the card dispenser, and on her right side is the card deposit.

The game takes place in a studio, and although you can hear the light murmur of other voices around you, there are no other dealers in the background and nothing to distract you from the action occurring in your game. Behind your host is a large screen with wood borders and gold fabric. The beautiful screen has an intricate pattern that’s very reminiscent of what you would see in popular casinos in Macau. Additionally, on either side of your host is a silk tree with pink and red blossoms. There are no bright lights or over-the-top colours on this set. Instead, the lights are warm and neutral, and the decor has simple and relaxed shades of gold, brown, and red.

Interface and User Experience

The interface and user experience for Live Baccarat Control Squeeze is clean and easy to understand. When it’s time to place a bet, a screen will come up just slightly above your table. This is the screen where you place and control your bets. When you’re ready to bet, you can click player, tie, or banker.

At the bottom of this screen, you’ll see your chips, and you can click on them to change how much you want to bet. You have 15 seconds to place your bet, and there’s a countdown clock at the bottom of the bet screen that shows you how much time you have left. The bet screen will also change colours to help you keep track of time. When betting is open, the top of the bet screen turns green and reads “Place Your Bets.” When you have five seconds left to make your bet, the banner changes to yellow and reads “Bets Closing.” Finally, when betting has closed, the screen turns red and reads “Bets Closed.”

At this point, the bet screen smoothly slides back to its original position below the table, so you once again have a clear view of the game. The bet screen then changes to grey and reads “Wait For Next Game.” Your host will then deal the cards over the special inlays. You have 10 seconds to click on your screen for the exciting reveal, or you can wait until time runs out and the cards automatically get revealed. The host will also flip them over so that the main camera shows them. If the player or banker gets an extra card, you have five seconds to click for the reveal.

There are other features available on the bottom of your screen. To the left of the bet screen, you’ll find the text box where you can type and send a message to your host. There’s also a table showing you the history of the last games played, your total bet, and your balance. To the right of the bet screen, you’ll see numerous roads for keeping tabs on the trends. This is also where you’ll find icons to switch camera views, change tables, or take you out of the game and back to the lobby.

Take a look at the upper left corner of your screen, and you’ll see the game name. Hover over this, and a table appears that shows you the type of regular bets, side bets, and bonus bets you can make, plus the payouts for all. You can click on the pin icon to keep that information in view on your screen.

Lastly, look to the upper right corner of your screen and find other helpful icons. There’s a chat bubble icon for talking with other players at the game; a speaker icon for turning the sound on and off; a gear icon for changing general, video, audio, and scorecard settings; a clock icon for viewing your history; a question mark icon for help; and finally an arrow icon to enter full-screen view.

If you’re not sure what a button on your screen does, all you have to do is hover over it, and a pop-up box will appear with a description. These controls make a gaming experience that’s simple yet exciting. If you want to watch a few rounds to get an understanding of the game, you’re more than welcome to, or you can immediately start placing bets to join in the action.

Audio and Visuals

When you enter your game, you’ll notice the audio quality is clear and precise enough to hear the cards as they flip and slide across the table, yet it’s also focused almost completely on your table. You can barely hear slight background noise from the other hosts in the studio, but this isn’t distracting and doesn’t take away from your gaming experience.

Your host’s calm and soft voice leads the game. She announces when betting is open and closed, and she announces the cards as she turns them over. If a player sends her a message, she addresses them by their screen name. Sometimes she’ll also congratulate or welcome players by their screen name.

With multiple high-definition cameras focused on the game, you’ll get a crystal clear view of everything that’s happening. The main shot is the wide-angle view that shows you the host and her table. There are also two built-in cameras under the table that instantly relay a live video of the real card faces to your screen. Optical filters hide the cards until it’s time to click or tap on any corner or edge to peel back the overlay and show the card value.

As long as you have a good internet connection, you shouldn’t get grainy images or experience any type of lag during your game. Evolution Gaming’s Live Baccarat Control Squeeze offers excellent overall audio and video quality. Best of all, you can enjoy all the excitement of the game without having to leave the comfort of your home.