Casumo Topwheel Treasures Review

Launched in October 2018, Casumo Topwheel Treasures is the operator’s take on Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher that was released a year earlier. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it keeps the best parts of its predecessor with its own unique flair. Its concept is based on the large vertical wheels that are often found at land-based casinos (Aspers has an impressive one) and are sometimes referred to as Big Six, Big Wheel or simply Money Wheel.

As dabblers in Dream Catcher, we were eager to see where Casumo would take the concept. So, settle in and continue on to learn how to play, what it pays, if there’s such a thing as optimal strategy and more in our Topwheel Treasures review.

This casino game was initially reviewed in November 2018.

Image source: Casumo

Why play Evolution Gaming Topwheel Treasures?

When we received a notification about this release in our inbox, the consensus around our office was “What’s the point, it’s just like Dream Catcher.” Yes, it’s premise is identical, there’s no point in skirting around that, but it’s the unique personalities of the presenters that really make it. So, if you enjoy the laid back nature of money wheels why not play it with dealers who talk about Marvel movies and the best sneakers to buy in-between spins? To top it off with the benefits of frequent bonuses, dedicated live casino promotions, a tiered loyalty programme and 24/7 customer support, Casumo Topwheel Treasures is the game for you.

Topwheel Treasures Quick Facts

ProviderEvolution Gaming
TypeLive dealer
Bespoke tableYes
Live dealersOne
Opening hours24/7
Minimum bet10c
Maximum bet€2,500
Special betsBet On All
StatisticsPayouts, Last 20 rounds, Account history
Favourite betsNo
Instant chatYes
Camera anglesMultiple
Video settings Medium, High, HD
CompatibilityDesktop, Tablet, Mobile

How to play Topwheel Treasures

If you were a nineties kid, you may remember one of the many reincarnations of the Wheel of Fortune TV show. Your mum probably made popcorn and you all sat together to see if the contestant would be lucky enough to stop the wheel at the right point for the top prize. Can you picture it? Well, that’s the similarity between the game show and one of Evolution’s latest releases. It’s an easy-to-understand, Wheel of Fortune-esque casino game designed to appeal to a wider audience, especially slots players.

We’ll guess that you’ve sussed out the premise of how to win on Topwheel Treasures by now. Bet on the number (either 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40) you think the wheel will stop at and if it hits, you win. There are also 2x and 7x multipliers that act as bonus spins and boost your next win.

When you open it for the first time, you’ll be greeted with a helpful animation that walks you through the basics of betting.

You’ll find more on what the wheel and the environment look like a bit further down, but first let’s take a look at its rules.

Casumo Evolution Gaming Topwheel Treasures How to play Gif


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Topwheel Treasures Game Rules

As is convention, you’ll be able to place your wagers, starting at a minimum of 10c up to a maximum bet level that’s at the operator’s discretion, when betting time is open.

Should the wheel come to a stop on one of the two multiplier segments, all bets remain in place and the wheel is spun again. The outcome of this new spin determines the winning number as usual, but its odds are multiplied by 2x or 7x, depending on the multiplier of the previous spin. If the pointer lands on a multiplier segment again, the same rule applies and the dealer will spin the wheel until he or she reaches a result, that is, the wheel stops on 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40. This means that the eventual winning digit may be multiplied a number of times, subject to a default maximum win of €500,000 or to a maximum set by the operator, as shown in the limits panel.

Still a bit unsure? Consider the following example.

Say the wheel stops on the 7x multiplier, then the 2x multiplier and then the number 5. If you placed a bet on 5 during the first round, your payout will be calculated as follows:

(5 to 1) x 2 x 7 = (10 to 1) x7 = 70 to 1

Topwheel Treasures RTP and payouts

Before we divulge any tips or reveal the best way to play, let’s go through its RTP and odds. The game’s optimal theoretical return to player is 96.58% based on a maximum win of €500,000 however it ranges from 90.57%-96.58% overall. The distribution of numbers on the wheel and their payouts are simple to remember as they match their respective number but they’re shown in the table below for your convenience anyhow. Do remember, however, that any malfunction whilst you’re playing will void the round in question as well as all its eventual payouts.

Can you play Topwheel Treasures for free?

Let’s not beat around the bush. Unfortunately, you’re unable to play Topwheel Treasures online for free. If you’re a live casino aficionado, this should come as no surprise due to the high overhead costs associated with running a live dealer studio. Casumo, however, allow you to enter, navigate the interface and see how others play without actually having to do so yourself. This is much appreciated and especially handy for those who are completely new to playing casino games.

Topwheel Treasures Strategy & Tips

As any casino head knows, once you find something you enjoy playing, you’ll want to become a pro at it. The way to do so with conventional casino games is to apply the right betting system, but since this title is barely a month old, there are no tried and tested methods from famed mathematicians. Not ones to be put off by a challenge, we posed the question “Is there such a thing as a Topwheel Treasures winning strategy?” and delved into our knowledge bank to see what we could find.Much like its famous red and black wheel cousin, this is a complete game of chance. With that in mind, we picked one of the most well-known roulette betting strategies – the Martingale system – to see if it could work.The approach is straightforward. We bet a low amount on the most common coloured segment (that is, the one that should land most often statistically) – the yellow 1 – and doubled this after each loss. Once the toggle came to rest on our chosen segment, we began betting at €1 again. Take a look at what happened in the table below.
We walked away with €218 so we’d say this was a successful (perhaps just lucky) attempt at building the basis of what could become the game’s first official casino strategy. Perhaps Fibonacci or d’Alembert systems could yield favourable results too. We’ll definitely put more to the test in the near future, but if you decide to give any a go, share your stories of success (or near success) at

The wheel

The Topwheel Treasures wheel is undoubtedly its main focus. In the wide-angle shot, it takes pride of place in the centre of your screen. The disk itself was custom-built and engineered to precision by legendary casino equipment supplier, TCSJOHNHUXLEY.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s divided into 54 segments that are separated by pins. 52 of these are marked with a number and unique colour for each one, where 1 = yellow, 2 = blue, 5 = purple, 10 = green, 20 = red and 40 = red while the 2x multiplier and 7x multiplier are silver and gold respectively.

Once betting time ends, the presenter spins the wheel, either clockwise or anticlockwise. There’s a pointer mounted on a flexible piece of leather at the top of the wheel to indicate the winning digit and dividing pins on the wheel that brush against the pointer to build up suspense before the wheel comes to a stop.

The environment and the dealer

The studio appears to be semi-circular in shape (at least through the camera lens) and is illuminated with continuously changing LEDs that wish players good luck, display the winning number and are reflected in both the ceiling and the floor, creating an immersive feel.

The capabilities of their live dealers are of utmost importance. If they were unable to keep players entertained or engaged, each round could end up being fairly boring so the operator, supposedly, handpicked twenty or so individuals who know how to perform in front of a camera.

On set, the game show presenter is seemingly free to move around as he or she pleases, with probable markings to notify them of where the cameras are. To the right of the stream, you’ll catch sight of a discreet, Casumo-character branded podium which is likely where the dealer receives real-time notifications and is able to chat with players. They’re encouraged to show their personality and interact with bettors, whether it’s reminding them how the game works or casual chit-chat.

Our host was Destiny, a bubbly blonde girl who replied to questions with a smile, encouraged conversation, spoke about how her day was going and asked players about theirs, all while dancing and jumping around the set as a TV presenter would do. She even threw in a cheeky “You have a date with your Destiny” comment before she released the wheel a few times. This friendly dynamic is also seen at the dealer change, where the two presenters interact for about a minute.

In terms of dress code, male dealers wear navy suits with a red tie whilst female presenters wear a white, peach, blue and yellow block-colour shift dress that complements the colours of their environment. Both wear crisp, white sneakers that must make moving around far more comfortable

What it looks like and how it works

Now that you know what the studio’s like, what about how the stream is shown and what it sounds like on your PC or smartphone? Let’s break it down.


Evolution adapted its standard interface to suit this game show. You can consider this in two parts: ¾ are allocated to the stream whilst the remainder is comprised of a digitally-rendered betting layout. There’s more on the former soon, but for now let’s focus on what the interface looks like before describing how you’ll interact with it. The base of the interface is where the action happens, and the virtual betting area takes centre stage.

The numbers appear as banknotes in the corresponding colours of the wheel with an announcement banner that advises on when wagers are being accepted. To the right of this, you’ll catch sight of the result of the previous 20 rounds, the Autoplay button, the option to bet on another game such as blackjack and quick access to the lobby when you’re ready to try your hand at a different table. To the opposite side, there’s a view of your casino balance, your total bet and the chat function above which a stream of the winners of each round appears.

The original version of the payouts table you saw above, as well as its overall minimum and maximum bets is found at the top left with the option to pin this in place. To be honest, we prefer to keep the stream clear and clutter free, so if you’re a computer gambler, our suggestion is to keep the game open on one tab (or screen if you’re feeling fancy) with this review on the other. This software supplier places the majority of its controls at the top right. There’s an alternative entry point to speak with the dealer with their name displayed and access to the Casumo responsible gaming page.

These are followed by three audio and visual settings icons (which we’ll explain in a minute), an overview of your Evolution account history behind the clock icon, information on the game from the ? icon and the possibility to play in full screen by pressing the last button in that row.


Once the fifteen-second betting window begins, the virtual layout rises and appears as shown. The chip value you’ll be wagering with is encircled with a gold ring around it, and once that is correct you’ll need to click the area you’d like to wager on. There’s also the option to undo your bet if you placed a chip incorrectly, repeat your last bet or double your wager if you’ve got a good feeling about the next spin. And, if your bankroll permits it, you can also wager on all six numbers at one go by pressing the Bet On All button.

For the most part, we played on desktop facilitated by a 1GB download speed Wi-Fi connection and it ran smoothly without any hiccups, just as we expect from such a leading games provider.

Audio and Visuals

In case you haven’t realised by now, this is less of a traditional live casino game and more of a spectacle. Fittingly, game show style instrumental music can be heard throughout, yet the dealer’s voice remains loud and clear. Drumming builds up suspense as the wheel goes over its final revolutions followed by a tada-style sound effect when the winning number is announced. It’s all really on theme, but if you’d like to tone it down, the volume of these can be controlled via the speaker and cog icons on the interface.

As anticipated, it’s set in a state-of-the-art studio where a multi-camera installation captures the action from numerous viewpoints. There’s the primary wide shot that fits in the entire set, left and right side views as well as two close-ups of the wheel – one slightly wide shot and another to showcase that leather strap coming to a stop. On PC, there’s the choice between two viewing modes – fullscreen HD and classic mode. The former is the view we described earlier while the latter places the stream in the centre with the previous results and chat either side of it. The stream is delivered to your screen in about 24 frames per second with a video buffering memory that will vary throughout according to your Internet connection. Similarly, these can be set as either medium, high or HD, according to what best suits your Internet speed.

Device compatibility

This Evolution Gaming title is accessible on PC and smartphone, but is one better than the other? These are our five key takeaways of each.


  • Landscape mode is preferable over portrait.
  • Unnecessarily large betting area in portrait mode that’s better scaled in landscape.
  • View of previous round wins is unavailable.
  • Can’t participate in the chat without obstructing the stream.
  • Settings are limited.



  • Ample space for every element.

  • The ability to pin the payouts is useful as you’re familiarising yourself with the game.

  • The stream is crystal clear and easy to make out.

  • The winners list is unobtrusive.

  • Choice of two ways to view the stream.

What do you think about Topwheel Treasures?

Have you had a chance to sign up to Casumo and give Topwheel Treasures a spin for yourself? Did Destiny let the wheel go at just the right time to land you a big win with a 7x multiplier? No matter your experience, share your stories with us at We’d love to hear from you!

As a collective of industry veterans, avid casino-heads and casual players, it’s our mission to raise the game and provide you with the complete live casino experience.

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