Roulette Professional Review

Coming to you from the beautiful Saint Vincent Resort and Casino in Italy, Authentic Roulette Professional from Authentic Gaming brings you all the excitement and action of the casino experience directly to your living room.

This is Sean Connery’s favourite resort in the Italian Alps; he even had three consecutive wins on the number 17 when he played here in 1963. Using the North American style layout, this game offers numerous camera angles, and it is the top choice for experienced rollers. Play alongside actual patrons at the casino as you enjoy stunning wide-angle, high-definition video of this exciting and suspenseful roulette game.

This casino game was initially reviewed in October 2017.

The tables and enviroment

As you start your game, the camera looks straight down on the top of the green felt roulette table. Since this is an actual casino in Italy, the labels are written in Italian. However, it’s similar to any table you’d see in other casinos, so it has the basic layout you’re used to. From the overhead shot you see the corner of the roulette wheel, the stacks of colourful chips the dealer uses to place bets on the table, and the entire betting table.

When the camera focuses on just the roulette wheel, you’ll see a lovely wheel made from highly polished wood. The turret is shiny silver, so as the wheel spins, it bounces and reflects light from the casino. The ball pockets are your typical red and black colour, and there is one green pocket for the zero. The numbers in the pockets are a clear and clean white, which makes them stand out easily on the camera.

When betting is open, the camera angle changes frequently so you can get a clear view of the table. You’ll occasionally see the arms and lower body of your sharply dressed croupier, and you’ll also sometimes catch a glimpse of the other patrons as they reach over the table to place their bets.

While you can hear the faint music from other games and a light murmur of voices from the casino guests, the camera always focuses on your roulette table so that the background noise never distracts you from your game. While some casinos are known for having a dark and closed-in atmosphere, the beautiful Saint Vincent Resort and Casino is not one of them. Your roulette table is brightly illuminated with overhead lights, making it easy to see all the numbers and details on the table.

Interface and user experience

Authentic Gaming’s Authentic Roulette Professional strives to make you feel like you’re sitting right inside the casino. The game’s interface is simple and easy to understand, which makes for a great user experience. All of your controls are along the bottom of your screen, so your view of the table isn’t hampered or blocked.

Start on the bottom left side of your screen and you’ll see your spot for call bets. You’ll see the history of the last 10 winning numbers. You’ll also see the spot you can click to bet the last three, five, or 10 winning numbers. Finally, this box is also where you can bet all hot numbers or all cold numbers.

Move to the centre box and you’ll see a screen that looks exactly like the set up on the roulette table. This area is where your bets will appear. When betting is open, a green box will appear above these numbers that says “Place Your Bets.” Since this game is just like the real roulette table, you can click on any spot to place your bet. Once you click on a spot, a chip appears on your digital version of the roulette table. Just to the right of your roulette table you’ll see your chips. You can click on these chips to change your bet amount.

When betting is closing, you’ll hear a distinctive clicking noise, and the box above your digital roulette table will turn orange and say “Final Bets.” A few seconds after that, the box turns red and says “No More Bets.” At this point, you’re no longer able to click anywhere on your digital roulette table. The camera angle changes to a view directly above the roulette table when the dealer gives it a spin. The image is so clear that you can watch the little white ball as it bounces around and lands in its pocket. Once it settles on a number, the winning number and other results flash on the screen.

Finally, look at the box on the far right side of your screen for more game controls. At the top it says “High Roller.” Click on that, and the box opens to show you options: bet one neighbour, bet two neighbours, full complete, or max bet. Just below that area, you can see how much you have bet on each roll.
Beneath that information, you’ll see a clockwise arrow icon that will let you repeat your bet, an x2 icon that will let you double up, a double arrow icon for placing an auto bet, a trash can icon to clear all bets, and a counterclockwise arrow icon to undo your last bet. Under these icons is where you can save your layout. Just below that area, you can view your balance and the limits for the table.

At the very edge of this box is also where you’ll find the game controls. The gear icon shows you the paytable, rules, game settings, audio settings, and bet history. The speaker icon allows you to adjust the sound effects and live casino sounds. There’s also an info icon that displays the rules of the game and a square icon that takes you into full-screen mode.

All these details come together to create a game that’s simple to learn. All the controls are intuitive, and help is always just one click away. If you’re new to the game, you can watch a few rounds to understand the flow and rules. Or, if you’ve played roulette for years, you can immediately jump right in and join the action.

Audio and visuals

The audio and visuals in the game are top quality. Your game begins with a flashy intro that you can turn off if you don’t want to see it each time you enter. With the background noise of jingles and sound effects from the slot machines, you can close your eyes and feel like you’re standing right in the middle of a casino instead of your home. When the ball is in play, the audio quality really stands out. You can hear the ball as it starts its spin and as it bounces around in the pockets before settling in its final spot.

The multiple camera angles give you an excellent view of the table, and as long as you have a solid internet connection, you shouldn’t have any issues with lag or buffering. Although there’s no way to interact with the croupier or other players, this is still an exciting game that immerses you right in the middle of the action.


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