Live Casino Games - The Best of 2019

Live casino games reviews shed light on the nitty-gritty of the industry. While bonuses incentivise, and the operator makes all the difference, it’s the tables themselves that keep you entertained. But if you find yourself wondering what makes one better than the other or how it all works, look no further. Start by comparing their facts, before learning about why and how we review them, and what to keep in mind before you pull up a virtual seat. So, what are you waiting for? Settle in and discover the top live casino games!


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European Roulette from Evolution is the premiere roulette stop for European players. With an array of languages and studio locations, many players from Europe can tune into a dealer speaking their native language.

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Evolution Gaming has plenty of tables all casino players know and love - but one of them is the crown jewel of casino entertainment. Immersive Roulette is its name and it’s the ultimate experience for everyone lucky enough to enjoy it.

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Immersive Lite from Evolution Gaming is a faster and more dynamic version of this provider’s very own popular Immersive Roulette. This game offers all the appeal and excitement of spinning the roulette wheel in a casino - yet you can play it anywhere.

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Travel to some of the world's best casinos without ever leaving the comfort of your home with Evolution Gaming's Dual Play Roulette. This exciting casino game streams from real casinos around the world.

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Evolution Gaming Live Double Ball Roulette is a world-first from this pioneering-provider we’re sure you’ve heard of. Based on a European layout, this little wheel variant features twice the winning potential with two white balls.

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Betting opportunities come in thick and fast in Evolution Gaming Live Speed Roulette where every second counts. This turbo-charged casino game is set in a bespoke studio with a skilled dealer who whirls a tailormade wheel without dallying between spins.

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Roulette Turbo from Authentic Gaming brings live casino gaming right to your computer screen. Set in a real casino, this game takes you from the comfort of your home to a real-time roulette table, where you can join in the action.

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Authentic Gaming's Authentic Roulette Double Wheel offers you twice the excitement and double the fun. Streaming live from the stunning Saint Vincent Resort and Casino in the Italian Alps, this game offers 2,000 spins a day on two wheels.

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If you thrive on the live excitement of the roulette table, Authentic Gaming's Supérieur Roulette offers everything you love about the game in a convenient mobile format.

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Roulette Original from Authentic Gaming offers an engaging experience that allows players to indulge in all the thrills of live casino roulette with the convenience of accessible play from any online device.

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Coming to you from the beautiful Saint Vincent Resort and Casino in Italy, Authentic Roulette Professional from Authentic Gaming brings you all the excitement and action of the casino experience directly to your living room.

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NetEnt Live Roulette is a conventional European little wheel designed with mobile players in mind. Through the use of green screen technology, this provider creates a splendid environment that’s tailored to every turn.

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If you’re familiar with this provider’s standard of little wheels, then you’ll know that Evolution Gaming French Roulette Gold is worth a spin.

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If you’re searching for a secluded spin in a sleek studio set-up look no further than Extreme Live Gaming Classic Roulette Deluxe.

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Evolution Gaming Auto Roulette has the clue in the name already. No dealer, fast gameplay and straight to the point efficiency - that is what’s being promised.


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It's a live casino celebration in Blackjack Party! Chat with live dealers in this twenty-one game that features seven seats and the option to bet behind.

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If you think you know all there is about a twenty-one table then you haven’t experienced the feel of the felt in Lucky Streak Live Blackjack.

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NetEnt Live Common Draw Blackjack is an innovative community-take on the classic twenty-one table. Played with a single hand, this game has done away with the standard seven seats to offer a limitless place to play.

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If you’re after an intimate game of twenty-one, look no further than Extreme Live Gaming Blackjack. Set in a dimly-lit studio, this live card game creates a cosy experience on any screen.

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Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack is a slick take on classic twenty-one. This card game is set in a live casino studio with seven seated players and a dealer who distributes the deck.

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Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming is a 24/7, unlimited, low bet live blackjack table that features four side bets and the ‘Six Card Charlie’ rule.

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Evolution Free Bet Blackjack is a rapid, feature-rich blackjack variant where an unlimited number of players bet on a single common hand with optional free Double Down or Split side bets.


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If the tease of the squeeze appeals to you then taking charge of the reveal in Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat Control Squeeze will be a real treat. Set in a Macau-style studio, an elegant croupier deals the deck but lets you set the speed as you please.

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Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat Squeeze is a suspenseful table game coupled with the standards you’ve come to expect from this casino provider. Authentic and very appealing, this is an engaging experience for enthusiasts of the traditional layout.

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If you’ve ever fancied a visit to a top Asian casino, then Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat is just right for you. Set in a custom-made studio, a polished croupier draws from the deck and deals across a traditional bean-shaped table.

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Speed Baccarat is a 24/7, supercharged card game where game rounds are kept to 27-seconds and cards are dealt face-up.

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Set in a world-class live casino studio, this is a super-fast card game where just two cards are dealt — the Dragon and the Tiger.

Game Show

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Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live is the next generation of 2018’s Dream Catcher. Its 3D bonus round brings the prototypical Rich Uncle Pennybags character to life in a digitally-rendered mini-game with features that can really top up your bankroll.

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Launched in October 2018, Casumo Topwheel Treasures is the operator’s take on Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher that was released a year earlier. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it keeps the best parts of its predecessor with its own unique flair.

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Evolution Gaming Dream Catcher is the lead title from their Live Money Wheel gaming category featuring a precision-engineered multi-coloured wheel, an engaging live host and up to 7x multipliers.

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Lightning Roulette is an innovative take on Evolution Gaming’s classic game of live roulette with lucky numbers and lucky payouts that reward up to 500x.

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Created in partnership with Endemol Shine, exclusively with Evolution, this latest release from the provider is based on the hit TV game show with unique prize multipliers up to 500x.

Dice Games

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Super Sic Bo by Evolution Gaming is a live casino adaptation of the ancient Chinese dice game played with three regular dice and random multipliers that go as high as 1000x.


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Born and bred in the Lone Star State, Evolution Texas Hold'em makes the game available for poker enthusiasts around the globe. It offers high-powered gameplay, expert dealers and plenty of Wild West flavour, all in an authentic casino environment.

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Evolution Gaming Live Three Card Poker, developed in partnership with Scientific Games, ”creates an authentic, world-class version of the most popular speciality table game of all time”, to quote its creator.

Why should you read live casino games reviews anyway?

With more and more new tables released every year using the same language – “innovative”, “one-of-a-kind”, “genuine” – to describe them, it’s often difficult to tell what distinguishes one from the other from the onset. What’s its actual USP, and is it really unique? Can you place unusual bets and is there a jackpot to play for? In what way do the dealers make every turn better?

Well, we’ve pulled up our own seat at the tables to get answers for those questions and more ourselves. It’s our enthusiasm to reveal the ins and outs of the games that pushes us to make each one more exhaustive than the last. But as firm believers of the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle, the checklist used to assess table games is as uncomplicated as can be. Have a browse through the five points we consider below.

How to play

What good is a casino game if you don’t know how it works? A game review begins by explaining its basics including its objective, rules and any available distinctive features or side bets with their payouts listed in a table. You’ll also be able to read a run-through of a standard round.

The environment

Next up is the area where the action happens. We’ll start by letting you know where it’s streamed from – a studio or land-based location -, before moving on to its decor, look and feel. Again, we’ll comment on whether or not it complements the game as a whole. Sneak peek: Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat does this perfectly as its surroundings are completely reminiscent of Macau casinos.

The tables and/or wheel

Following the initial overview, we pull each game apart and build it up again piece by piece, starting with the surface and/or the wheel. You’ll find out which parts are computer-generated (even if it’s hard to believe) along with how it appears and fits in with everything else – think the ball launcher in Evolution’s Double Ball Roulette.

What it looks like & how it works

The final piece of the puzzle is getting all of the above to your screen in both a visually appealing and functional way. This section (the bulk of the review, FYI) examines how the provider does this in five parts – interface, functionality, audio, visual and device compatibility. Let’s elaborate.

The first section considers the look and feel of the gaming interface by assessing whether it’s easy on the eyes – even if extra features such as leaderboards are present – and intuitive overall. The functionality part focuses on answering questions like “Which parts of the game are interactive?” and “Can I move, mute or hide the stream as I please?”. The audio and visuals sections discuss what settings you can control of each while the piece on device compatibility pits mobile against desktop to see what comes out on top.

That may seem like a lot to go through, but each part comes with complementing images and GIFs that’ll make the explanation much easier to digest.

About the game

Finally, we’ll let you in on some basic facts including when it first launched, how the provider advertises it, if it’s had any makeovers and whether it managed to pick up trophies along the way. Sure, this information won’t affect how it’s played but it’s good to know.
To sum up we’ll ask you to share your thoughts, stories of success and improvements you’d like to see if you’ve ever played the game. It’s this community feedback that makes our reviews better for everyone who reads them.

Benefits of playing online vs. locally

If you’re accustomed to grand brick-and-mortar casinos, it’s understandable that you’d question how such large-scale productions can fit into your smartphone. Well they can indeed, with no sacrifice to the way each round runs and even some advantages too. See for yourself below.

Online Casino

  • Wagering behind the safety of your digital screen means that there’s no reason to feel nervous about trying a new roulette strategy or playing baccarat for the first time. No one’s judging you.
  • You’re given full control on how many ‘distractions’ you let into your gambling time. Aside from choosing where and what type to play, you’re also able to adjust video and audio settings to your liking.
  • If you’re new to the felt or trying to beat roulette with betting strategies, it’s far simpler to use charts and cheat sheets online. You’ll find quite a few in our guides to casino games.
  • With full control over every aspect of their games and some of the best creative minds behind them, the variety online is immeasurable.

Land-based casinos

  • Prying eyes of casino employees and fellow gamblers may cause you to feel intimidated by avant-garde tables or betting plays.
  • The ringing on the slots machines, the clanking of the roulette ball, incessant chatting and more can all distract even the best.
  • Advantage play methods are frowned upon and may get you 86’d from the casino.
  • Aside from the limitations to the floor space, foot traffic and restrictions to the types of technology the area can be equipped with will also inhibit what’s available.

Things to keep in mind whilst reading our casino reviews

If you’re fully convinced that casino games are better online, you’re probably excited to try one out for yourself. But sit tight, do you know what to think about before you settle on a surface and what your own preferences are? The list below will initiate your thought process and make your gaming experience better all-round.

Your game type preferences

Alright, this is an obvious start but it’s the cornerstone of everything that follows. If you’re new to all this, start by familiarising yourself with our game guides. They’ll walk you through the basics right up to advanced betting strategies. Go at your own pace to clearly set your preferences in place. If you’re already acquainted with the conventional titles mentioned above, give one with a little something extra in the title a go. Words like control, speed and reel serve as hints that there’s something else to play for.

The time you’re free to play

We hinted at this when advising you on how to choose the right casino provider for you but it’s much more specific than that. Yes, most Evolution Gaming titles are in fact available 24/7 but some of its bespoke tables such as LeoVegas Celebrity Blackjack are only accessible during the evening. Authentic Roulette Professional, Extreme Live Blackjack and others are restricted to specific opening hours. Be sure to check this in advance, and set some time aside as necessary.

Your internet speed

Most games come in four video quality settings – low, medium, high and HD. Of course, any table is best enjoyed in full-HD, so you’ll need to check that your ISP can support this. From our experience, Wi-Fi speeds of at least 15Mbps broadcast streams quite clearly.

Payout possibilities

You know it’s not the main reason to play, but the prospect of winning is certainly enticing. Since the majority are based on the classics, the payouts of conventional bets are standard across the board. On the other hand, Extreme’s Reel Roulette and Dream Catcher switch things up with slot side bets and multipliers that can make every round more rewarding.

Your skill level

Yes, you’d probably like to be the best at everything, but you’ve got to be honest about how proficient you really are. If you’re still wrapping your head around simple blackjack strategy, you might want to avoid the hustle and bustle of tables such as Evolution’s Blackjack Party and opt for a quieter option so you can maintain your focus. But if you’re really a pro, you might enjoy Lightning Roulette or Speed Roulette where multipliers and side bets add vibrancy to the basic game you’re already comfortable with.

The funds you’ve got available

Sure, playing in private in Evolution Gaming Salon Privé sounds impressive but with minimum bet requirements starting at around €1,500, it’s not within everyone’s budget. Don’t dwell on that. Be realistic about the disposable income you can set aside to gamble and stick to that. Remember, gambling is, and always should be, entertaining!

Your favoured device

Are you a PC aficionado or glued to your smartphone? While all providers say that their tables are cross-compatible between devices, some will work better on desktop or mobile. Either start by establishing your preference, then leaf through our game reviews to see if the table you’re going to have a crack at performs best on your chosen device in the Mobile vs. Desktop section. Alternatively, be flexible and if the one you’d like to try is better on a display you’re unfamiliar with, be open to giving it a go – we came to that conclusion for a good reason!

The atmosphere and environment

Are you after a game that captures the authenticity of a genuine land-based establishment online or interested in witnessing what tech advancements bring to the table? Think about what you’d like to see, and with that in mind choose your title. And when you’re feeling adventurous, why not try a new table as part of a live casino promotion with a bonus? It takes the pressure off of trying something unknown with your own money and you may win something plus find a new favourite too.

Ready to play live casino games?

You’ve made it, and you’re now better equipped than the average player to pick your perfect table. Fantastic! So, with your new understanding of how our casino game reviews can support you before you stake as well as knowledge of what you’re looking for, have a look at our game reviews with a fresh pair of eyes. See what payouts, opening hours, features and more suit you and go. Good luck, and remember to let us know how you get on at [email protected]!

As a collective of industry veterans, avid casino-heads and casual players, it’s our mission to raise the game and provide you with the complete live casino experience.

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