What’s a casino without a welcome offer? Not very much in today’s world! With an endless amount of online casinos, a good sign-up bonus is certainly essential. Put simply, a welcome offer is an incentive to encourage players to join and deposit money. Such bonuses come in the form of no-deposit free spins or deposit matches. Every casino worth their salt has a specific page which specifies its offerings to new players but sometimes these pages are loaded with confusing conditions. There’s no need to spend time trying to make sense of them; we at have made things simple for you! We search, scan and sift through these pages to bring you all the best live casino welcome offers in one place. From bonus match amounts to multiple-deposit bonuses and wagering requirements, all the information you need is right here!


Various types of live casino welcome offers exist and we’ve explained all the common ones below.

  • No deposit bonus: Sometimes referred to as a no-purchase bonus, these are often the most preferred type for online gamblers. The live casino adds bonus funds to the player’s account, without any necessary action. These are typically low in amount, however, if you’re lucky enough to find a casino that offers them, it’s a good way to try the tables out.
  • Deposit bonuses: A player must add funds to their account to be eligible for such a bonus. These exist in two forms; a match bonus and a percentage deposit bonus.
  • Match deposit bonus: This is when a casino specifies a certain amount a player must deposit to receive a fixed bonus sum.
  • Percentage deposit bonus: In this case a casino adds x% of your deposit amount up to a certain value. For example, say an offer states that you’ll receive 50% in bonus funds up to £100. If you deposit £200, you’ll have your initial deposit and £100 in bonus funds to play with.
  • Purchase method bonuses: Some casinos offer a specific bonus depending on the payment method used by the player to make a deposit.


Found a live casino welcome bonus you’d like to try from our list? Read our comprehensive explanation on how to collect and play your welcome bonus.

  1. Find a casino from our list: This first step is super simple. Scroll up and select your favourite welcome offer from our list above. You’ll be taken straight to the live casino registration page where you’ll need to enter a few personal details to create an account.
  2. Sign up with your preferred welcome offer: You should be able to select your preferred welcome offer on registration. Ensure that you check ‘Yes’ or ‘Accept’ to receive bonuses and offer communication on your profile. Remember you can always contact the casino’s customer support team for assistance.
  3. Confirm how the bonus is added: As we mentioned above, each casino should have a specific page dedicated their live casino welcome offer and the terms that accompany it. Such information can usually be accessed from the top navigation menu on their website or under their Promotions section. Some casinos require a bonus code, deposit or wager before the welcome offer becomes available.
  4. Confirm when the bonus will become available: The welcome bonus page will also detail what part of the bonus (if any) is added on registration and which parts become available after a deposit. If the information is unclear or you’re unsure of anything, their customer support agents will be able to explain.
  5. Check which live tables are bonus-friendly: More often than not, a casino welcome offer will stipulate specific games or live tables that the bonus amount is tied to. Conveniently, most casinos include links to the bonus-friendly games on the information page.
  6. Find the felt and enjoy: You’re good to go. Pick your table and stake your chips on blackjack, roulette, baccarat or poker; whatever the welcome offer allows!