Live Baccarat

If you’ve ever fancied a visit to a top Asian casino, then Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat is just right for you. Set in a custom-made studio, a polished croupier draws from the deck and deals across a traditional bean-shaped table. Numerous HD cameras create an intimate and intriguing setting that few providers are able to match. So whether you’ve never played this card game before or if it’s one of your favourites, read our Live Baccarat review before you wager.


  • Created for smartphone, desktop and tablet play
  • Set in a studio environment
  • Available in English
  • A medium-paced game
  • Views of multiple roads
  • Close-ups of the cards when they’re revealed
  • Ability to see how others play


Upon tapping into this table, you’ll find yourself in breathtaking studio surroundings. Although each round begins with a wide-angle view of the entire set-up, your eyes are still drawn to the felt in the foreground. It’s gold in colour, with a delicate design over it and enclosed in a deep wood border. Large, white text denotes the player and banker areas to the left and right respectively. There’s a dealing shoe to the right while the deposit box sits across from it. The cards themselves come in classic shades of red or blue to stand out against the gold fabric. Your actual betting area is a virtual blue, green and red layout. Overall, the area is clear and reminiscent of those found in popular Macau casinos. The entire environment evokes feelings of warmth. Purposely placed lighting brings out the hues of red, gold, and brown that complement the betting surface perfectly. Four bubble tube wall panels fill most of the background with a few brightly-lit blossom trees scattered in front of them. In the centre, you’ll see your dealer sitting in a maroon chair, just behind the table. She wears an elegant red dress and looks well put together. Camera close-ups and her gentle demeanour go hand in hand, and the result in a cosy setting you’ll love to revisit again and again.


If you’re familiar with Evolution Gaming, then this organised user interface will come as no surprise to you. But with plenty of roads to keep track of and six side bets options to choose from, how does this provider maintain a sleek experience? Let’s find out if it succeeds on both PC and smartphone.


This live card game looks as though it was tailor-made for desktop. Every digital part of this interface manages to look discreet yet noticeable at the same time. Buttons to control the settings appear at the top while the roads appear at the base of the stream. A view of the available bets and their payouts can be viewed if you click the name of the game at the top. Overall, it’s intuitive and easy to navigate.


Despite the varied information that’s displayed here, the layout of mobile Live Baccarat accommodates it all quite well. It’s playable in both landscape and portrait mode however the latter is preferable if you’d like a view of the dealer during betting time. Roads and stats can be found at the base of your screen or superimposed over it, depending on how you play. All game settings, chat, wager history and so on may be accessed through the menu icon, either to the bottom or right of your device.


As with other Evolution titles, we’re most impressed with how this baccarat table looks on desktop. Stream stability and speed aren’t an issue on either device, but the size of a PC display lends itself to the game well to creating a genuine casino experience. If you chose to play Live Baccarat on mobile, we recommend using portrait mode.


One of the first things you’ll notice is that there’s no background music in Live Baccarat. This is by design so as not detract from any of the action. The audio quality is so superb that you’re able to make out every card movement across the felt and chatter from neighbouring tables is barely distinguishable. Your croupier has a pleasant voice that moves the game along nicely. She advises players on betting times, states the card values as she turns them over and declares the winning hand. As we were testing the table, our dealer even explained that she was burning the cards and commented on how the majority of players won in that particular round, based on playing stats. You may click on the cog icon or the menu button to adjust the volume of the dealer’s voice as well as the any other sounds. The visuals here are equally as impressive. HD cameras show three different views of the live game. When the multiple cameras setting is turned on, every round begins with a wide-shot of your dealer but switches to a close top-down view when the cards are placed on the table. You may choose to play in single camera mode and choose between a multi-camera or classic view as you prefer. Four video quality options - HD, high, medium and low - are also available. These may be adjusted from the camera icon and cog button at the top right of the interface. After playing Live Baccarat by Evolution on both an Android and laptop device, we can safely say that the audio and visuals met our expectations.


Live Baccarat by Evolution fuses the look and feel of Macau casinos with the refined style we’ve come to know. The selection of side bets and choice of roads puts plenty of playing options at your fingertips while the stats on how others play gives the game an authentic touch. There are no real improvements needed but if any changes are made we’ll be the first to tell you at