Immersive Lite from Evolution Gaming is a faster and more dynamic version of this provider’s very own popular Immersive Roulette. This game offers all the appeal and excitement of spinning the roulette wheel in a casino - yet you can play it from virtually anywhere. The studio environment makes you feel like you’re there with a ton of other players, with multi-camera angles, a captivating environment and a mix of live-action and virtual players. This version does away with the slow-motion replay option that the standard version of the game offers, yet it still provides all the fast-paced gameplay options that true roulette fans want. Let’s find out more in our review at


  • Desktop, mobile and tablet availability
  • HD video quality, even on mobile devices
  • Hot and cold numbers feature that allows players to monitor each number's performance
  • Native English-speaking dealers to ensure smooth, engaging gameplay
  • VIP tables for high-level users who want to take gameplay to the next level


When it comes to table games - especially ones with the word “immersive” in the title - they better be impressive. In this regard, Immersive Lite Roulette really shines, since it looks just like the red and black table in a land-based casino. This genuine little wheel is of course an authentic one and its colours really stick out fantastically. As each round progresses, you'll see the camera move from the dealer to a close-up of her spin to the final position of the ball, which makes for a pretty cinematic feel. The slow-motion option of its big brother counterpart does not make an appearance here, but that is by design. The table itself is sat in a beautiful casino environment, that really gives you the feeling of being in a land-based location. The adjacent chat of the other dealers can be heard, but not too much, so that it might be distracting - it really just adds to the overall atmosphere. There’s nice flowery decor too, which positively compliments the croupier’s smooth outfits. The overall atmosphere and the professional and friendly attitude of the dealers is just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to it. We were impressed with these innovations overall and can’t wait what else this casino giant will have in store in the near or far future.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - Evolution know exactly how to create intuitive user interfaces. Their Immersive Lite Roulette is no exception, with easy access to every important button and clear instructions about when it’s time to bet as well as an easy-access help menu that breaks down the game step-by-step. Bets on numbers and colours can be made with just one click and it’s that convenience that we admire in Evolution’s games. Your betting balance and total current bet amount sit in the bottom left corner of the screen, beneath the betting table graphic and the clear layout helps you understand your bets, so you never wager more than you intend. At the bottom left corner you'll see the chat prompt which allows you to interact with the dealers. There’s the camera button to change the different views and the chart icon to show your favourite bets. The + TABLE button allow you to view and play more than one table at the same time polishes off the smooth user experience we’re used to from Evolution Gaming. Let’s find out, if there’s differences when using different devices.


The interface on desktop is really easy to use. It’s clean and refreshingly non-intrusive, when compared to other roulette games. You’re always right in the action and the games really benefit from more screen space that newer monitors provide. The icons for chat, settings and additional information are conveniently placed at the top right while the recent stats are shown at the bottom, for maximum visibility. Frantically looking for the right info won’t happen here and we’re thankful for that. The smooth transitions for different screen pop-ups are nice and opaque. Let’s find out how the mobile version of this thrilling game fares against its desktop counterpart.


The mobile version - and we focus mainly on the smartphone here - has the same clean interface and button layout you’d find in most Evolution titles. It really depends on the size of the screen you’re using, but even in landscape mode the buttons and overall layout are on the smaller side. Usability suffers a little bit from this and the streaming window covers a significant part of the screen. Of course, this really depends on your device but it is something worth mentioning. Functional buttons are either on the right or the bottom of your device, of course depending on the mode you’re using. The overall crispness of the interface remains however, so if you’re out and about, playing Immersive Lite Roulette on your smartphone surely remains a good option.


Comparing two significantly different devices is never easy, but if we needed to recommend one it would clearly be the desktop. Naturally the big screen size makes for a more cinematic and frankly uncluttered experience, so using a smartphone is only advantageous if you’re somewhere outside. Whatever the case may be, the user interface and the experience that goes with it is as impressive as ever. We like what Evolution is doing and hope they will continue to innovate and maybe even improve on their already tried and true formula.


Evolution Gaming is known for its high-definition graphics and Immersive Lite certainly doesn't disappoint. The video quality is HD and you can easily see every detail of both the roulette wheel and the dealer. Players can choose from an engaging multi-camera view, a pretty amazing 3D view that simulates a felt to the right of the wheel, or the classic variant- but to experience this live roulette game to the fullest we recommend the latter. This feature allows players to see both close-up and top-down views. Though the classic view isn't quite as impressive, it provides a better look at the roulette table as well as the hot and cold number charts. We found it a lot easier to place bets when going with this option. Let’s talk about the audio a little bit, and even here Evolution Gaming does not disappoint. You'll hear soft, mesmerising music in the background, but during gameplay the real focus is on the host and the roulette wheel. The dealer's voice is crystal clear and her gentle commands to place bets or hold off until the next round will guide you through each of them. In addition to her prompts, the dealer will announce the winning number after each spin, along with well-deserved congratulations to the winners. With each spin of the roulette, you'll hear the ball twirl across the wheel before it drops into its winning position.