Double Ball Roulette

Evolution Gaming Live Double Ball Roulette is a world-first from this pioneering-provider we’re sure you’ve heard of. Based on a European layout, this little wheel variant features twice the winning potential with two white balls that turn around the track. A dealer sits to the left near a patented launching device that sends both balls spinning. This live table game follows traditional rules and it’s the prospect of the elusive, high-paying Double Ball Jackpot that’s truly exciting. Exceptionally engaging and entertaining, find out more in our Live Double Ball Roulette review.


  • Smartphone, laptop and tablet-compatible
  • Studio environment
  • Available in English
  • A relatively fast-paced game
  • Two balls spin on a European roulette wheel
  • Betting time ends before the spin starts
  • Gold bet payouts of up to 1300:1 if both balls land on the same number


As with other Evolution Gaming tables, the centrepiece of Double Ball Roulette is its tailor-made wheel. It comes in a sleek matte black with a shiny silver turret in the centre. The pockets are, of course, red and black, with bold white numbers that can be read at a glance. For ease of use, the roulette table is computer-generated. What’s unique here is the option to place gold bets as well as the launching mechanism that shoots the balls onto the track. The latter sits around the rim of the wheel such that croupiers can place them in the grey tube with ease. The studio environment isn’t quite like anything we’ve seen before. Upon loading, the mesmerising green screen featuring shades of fluorescent purples and blue catches your eye. Once you regain focus, you’ll note that two distinct, black columns divide the projected video. Live dealers sit off-centre and make traditional hand gestures as are commonplace in land-based casinos. Overall, the set-up is quite laidback such that male croupiers wear a shirt and trousers while females wear a fitted dress. Clothed in complementing colours, he or she sits alone and is transmitted to your display via numerous camera angles that capture all the must-see action.


With twice as much to take in on every spin, Evolution Gaming must make sure the game’s interface isn’t obtrusive and that the overall experience is as riveting as every revolution. Have they succeeded and is the table equally satisfactory on desktop and mobile? Let’s find out.


The overall look is exceptionally clean on PC as with most of Evolution’s games. Icons and access to information are found across the base of the stream as well as at the top right. The virtual table rises and falls, depending on whether wagers are being accepted or not. Something that’s different here is the gold betting layout that appears beneath the chat function. Its purpose is to bet that both will land on single number. Although the nature of Live Double Ball Roulette requires additional functionality, this provider managed to group similar ones neatly together. If you make use of the chat window from the top right, you’ll have the option to move this around the screen to suit your needs.


Mobile Double Ball Roulette is just as impressive, in landscape or portrait mode. The familiar coloured grid, superimposed over a deep blue background, is the first thing you’ll see. You’ll notice a window showing the live stream, which you can adjust to full-screen and swipe it around the screen as required. The racetrack, stats and other information can be found via the discrete menu button, either to the right or the bottom of your device, depending on how you play. Only make reference to these occasionally as, unfortunately, they take over the entire screen.


It was easy to decide on a preferred display here. Given the additional elements to this game, we believe that a larger screen is more suitable. That isn’t to say that the table doesn’t perform well on mobile, however, some slight improvements would likely be well-received.


A master of using technology to strengthen every spin, Evolution Gaming does no different here. Faint background music keeps the tempo but you’re still able to understand the host clearly. The most thrilling sound you’ll hear is the balls being pushed on the track. It certainly builds up the suspense! Unlike Speed Roulette where chatter is at a minimum, croupiers keep the conversation going by encouraging players to ask any questions with some even joking, pushing the launcher with their elbow or giving a running commentary. You may adjust both the volume of the dealer’s voice and the game sounds through the cog button. Double Ball Roulette by Evolution comes in three quality options - medium, high and HD on desktop. If you play in HD, you’ll see the light reflecting on the wheel as it turns. Multiple cameras, attached to overhead rigs, go from a view of the studio to close-ups seamlessly. The option to switch between multi-camera or classic view means you can always play as you please. You can also adjust the video quality according to your internet connection. Each round starts with wide-view of the dealer picking up the two balls as they reach him or her. They are then dropped into the funnel and launched onto the track from a small device fitted onto the wheel. Different camera angles then seamlessly capture views of spin from the side and above, with the shiny turret in the centre. The round concludes with an overhead view of the drum as the balls lose momentum, so you can see where they have landed. He or she then swiftly sets up for the next round.


Double Ball Roulette by Evolution is a polished variant that’s perfect to play any time of day. The additional chance to win and lively dealers make every round a delight. However, the upbeat music may be a distraction to some and we’d like to see settings to control the volume added to the game’s functionality. Other than that there’s nothing to complain about. This is another standout table and we’ll keep you in-the-know on any new releases at