Baccarat Squeeze

Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat Squeeze is a suspenseful table game coupled with the standards you’ve come to expect from this casino provider. Authentic and very appealing, this is an engaging experience for enthusiasts of the traditional layout and captivating squeeze. In fact, it’s the sneak peek of the card before it’s fully turned over that’s the most distinctive part of each round. Thrilling for both first-timers and experienced players, find out why this is so in our Live Baccarat Squeeze review.


  • Optimised for desktop, smartphone and tablet
  • Studio environment
  • English-speaking dealer
  • A medium-paced game
  • Tantalising close-ups of cards during squeeze
  • Choice of roads to help you with your betting decision
  • Standard baccarat gaming rules and payouts apply


Baccarat Squeeze begins with a wide-angle view of the entire studio. The bean-shaped table, just like the ones in Macau, takes centre stage. A dark wood border surrounds the patterned mustard fabric that covers the surface. Player and banker betting areas, where is each hand is dealt to, are denoted by bright, white headings on the right and left, respectively. The dealing shoe and yellow banker tile sit to the right, while the card deposit box and the red player tile sit to the left. Beneath the real thing is a digitally-rendered blue, green and red layout so that you may wager with ease. The design of the studio is reminiscent of Asian casinos. Shades of gold and deep maroon complement this game quite nicely, giving the entire room a warm glow. Ornate, circular symbols on curtains and clear screens frame the focal point. Two bubble tubes, accented with blue lights, also appear in the background. Beyond this, you can see two additional live dealer tables with blossoming trees behind them. Your own cordial croupier sits in the centre, looking impeccably polished in a tailored red dress and with perfectly manicured nails. She leads each round with a polite and pleasant demeanor. Despite all these elements, the entire set-up is open and orderly.


The user interface of this live Evolution game may be described in two words: simple and splendid. Upon loading, you’ll witness view of the luxe studio set-up with a virtual layout beneath it. This surface is not only an area for you to play but to also keep track of the number of wagers on player, banker or tie and their total value. When betting time opens, the digital table raises slightly so you can make your choice using the chips that appear below it. Scorecards sit either side to help you keep track of statistical trends using the current shoe. These display the Bead, Big, Big Eye, Small and Cockroach roads, each of which you may find more information on via the ? icon. Once the winning hand is revealed, the virtual surface mirrors the real one and a blue or red banner appears in the centre of the screen to denote a player or banker win, respectively. Plenty of functionalities are accessible from either side of the stream. A table showing the type of bets as well as the payouts for each is available if you hover over the game name at the top or tap the menu icon. To the left side you'll find a chat box, to use for queries and announcements, a view of the win history, your balance and your total wager. Audio, visual and further settings may be found at the top right. There’s also a look at your account history, a detailed game explanation via ? icon as well as the ability to play in full-screen.


Live Baccarat Squeeze on desktop is appears quite neat. Buttons to control and adjust settings appear at the top right whereas the latest stats appear at the base of your display. The view of the types of bets and their respective payouts can to be pinned over the stream so that novice gamblers may reference them as they play. As with titles such as Double Ball Roulette, Evolution managed to fit things in nicely here too.


Mobile Baccarat Squeeze can be played in landscape or portrait mode, as is expected from all Evolution Gaming tables. The static live stream appears over the top half of your display while the layout appears beneath this. Roads and stats look much cleaner in portrait mode as these can be hidden as you please. Settings, chat, bet limits, your game history and more may be accessed via the menu icon, either to the bottom or right of your device.


There’s no other way to put it, this table is picture-perfect on desktop. We found that a larger screen is more suitable with so many elements to monitor. Overall it performed well on mobile too, its interface simply appears slightly more cluttered. Perhaps a modification to make the roads appear more discrete will increase its appeal on smaller displays.


Any seasoned player knows that card reveals are the most riveting part of Live Baccarat Squeeze. Due to this, Evolution Gaming utilises exceptional audio quality to enhance every round. You’ll hear the cards flick and slide across the table but these sounds won’t distract you. The dealers are soft-spoken in their interactions, they announce each card as they turn it over and politely address players by their screen name. The real treat is the tantalising description of the top and sides of the card she squeezes as well remarks on what the banker or player hand needs to win. Your croupier also comments on similarities between the current and earlier rounds. The only other sound you’ll hear is the the muffled murmur of the hosts’ voices at neighbouring tables. With over 15 alternating HD cameras to capture every movement, you definitely won’t miss anything in Live Baccarat Squeeze by Evolution. The game starts with a wide-shot so that you may take in the entire scene. These views are followed by close-ups and side shots of the dealer turning over the player and banker cards. It’s the crystal-clear sneak peek that looks most striking. The round concludes with a close-up of the dealer announcing the winning hand. You’ll notice that the dealer makes conventional hand gestures throughout. Visuals may be shown in low, medium, high or HD, which you can adjust as best suits your internet connection. Multi-camera or single lens options are available from video camera icon at the top right or behind the menu button. To top-off this tailored table experience, you can also adjust the scorecard backgrounds as either light, solid or dark via the cog button.