Everything About Live Roulette

Live Roulette Online

There is nothing that quite compares to online live roulette. The fast-spinning wheel, the urge to place the bet and the excitement of seeing the roulette ball land. The red and black wheel is known worldwide and is very popular in many online casinos today. Roulette is easy to play and there is a lot to consider when it comes to strategies. Full entertainment on the smartphone, tablet and desktop. Learn more about it in our LiveCasino.com review!

Roulette Bonuses, Offers and Promotions

There are many benefits to playing roulette in a mobile live casino today. From a first-class gaming experience to a large selection of different tables - however, nothing is more important than a nice roulette casino bonus for live tables. Online casinos give a hefty welcome bonus so you can get an edge. To make your decision easier, we have tried the best live casino providers for smartphones, tablets and desktop devices. Get an overview here and find the best provider to suit your taste.

Classic Roulette

Roulette basically means little wheel in French, the origin goes back to the 18th century and still enchants modern casino players. The numbers, colors and French words seem overwhelming at first, but roulette is pretty easy to learn. It's about putting bets on numbers, rows of numbers, colors, neighbor and outer or inner playing fields. This form of roulette game is classic and nowadays the experienced player counts even more on modern roulette tables such as Immersive Roulette or Roulette Turbo, which bring the essence of the game to the point.

European Roulette

European Roulette (European Roulette) is one of the simplest, classical variants of roulette. It is the best known and most played form of roulette. In this variant, you will find 36 number fields and one field with zero, for a total of 37 numbers. Win all bets on the colors, combo boxes and numbers itself when the ball lands on the actual field. Bingo!

Roulette Odds

The bets at the roulette table are often divided into inside and outside bets. Basically, this can be split into "bets on easy and multiple opportunities". Simple odds in roulette are stakes on red or black, odd or even, low or high. These are the most common bets on roulette. Since the odds are always at 1: 1, these are called "easy odds". Multiple chances in roulette are stakes with remaining bets that are at least 2: 1, therefore this is counted as a multiple chance at the roulette table. The best known is the straight, the single bet on one of the 37 numbers. The payout ratio is 1:35. If you bet 10 euros you will win 350 euros if the ball lands on the typed number.

How to play Roulette?

The roulette table basically consists of two components - the table (tableau) and the wheel. A bet is placed before the ball starts to spin in the wheel. It is important to know the fields at the roulette table, in order to play the game properly. Basically, there are 36 number fields and the famous green zero (in American Roulette we have the double zero). If you bet on one of the numbers, you'll get your bet back, plus 35 times your bet! Very popular are the bets on red or black (rouge - Noir), odd or even (pair - Impair) or 1-18 or 19-36. These are easy opportunities.