Five (weird) types of live casino players

After a certain number of live casino games played you can’t help but notice similarities between  the players around you. Similar game styles, decision processes and behaviours. We set out to look for the most prevalent  typologies, and this is how our top five of the most common players you’ll probably meet at a  casino table was born.
Here they are, see if any of them jog your memory…

The Statistician
This player makes Raymond Babbitt look like a regular bloke, not because he owns a super-brain, but because his room resembles the BatCave. No one actually met a statistician in real life – they never leave their house unless they need better computer parts or their energy drink supply is running low. Surrounded by monitors and computers trying to find the next probable roulette number, this guy’s happiest day of his life was when casino providers  introduced the past 500 game statistics for the live roulette tables. If you do encounter such a character in the real world, let him come to you and definitely don’t try to engage in physical contact. You might scare him off and we’ll never learn his methods on how to make £10K on live roulette in 10 minutes.

The “I have a feeling” player
This player is at the opposite spectrum  on the live casino player typologies chart. Firstly, they rely more on gut feelings than actual data to place their bets. Secondly, you will probably meet one at every table out there. To be honest, we’ve all played this role at one point in our gambling lives. Every player who’ll  ever sit at a blackjack table will, sense  an inexplicable tingling in their stomach that tells them the next hand is the lucky one at least once. As the song says, sometimes you “can’t stop the feeling!” How often did you find yourself betting on a roulette number or asking for one more card just because you “had a feeling”?

The Expert
The David Attenborough of the casino world. But unlike the world-renowned naturalist- all-knowing about everything that crawls, swims, flies or walks on planet Earth – our expert is usually specialised in one particular casino game. Be it blackjack, roulette or baccarat, they know everything there is to know about the game – masterfully combining the best traits of the number cruncher with the instincts of the “I have a feeling” player. When playing against a gambler of this calibre in their habitat be prepared to lose, and lose badly. If you meet one at a table with  the option to bet behind, count that as a lucky day!
We would love to know (in detail) if you have ever met such a character in your gambling endeavours?

The Chatterbox
We all know the type! It’s that player who talks to the dealer like you would talk to an old friend and turns the chat box into a WhatsApp conversation. He’s so accustomed to the dealers that you can’t help but wonder: “Do they actually know each other? Are they having a beer after? Am I interrupting something?” We almost feel awkward. This usually goes both ways as the dealer also seems know everything about them too. And this doesn’t happen at a specific live casino game table but at all of them. It’s like the only thing this person does is play live blackjack or live roulette! Don’t tell us you never met this player in one of your game sessions, we see one every week!

The Antisocial
For every Chatterbox out-there there’s one player who never says anything. Calling him the “silent type” would be an understatement! These players are the ghosts of the live casino rooms, invisible and silent, who join the tables for one reason only: to play. Operators such as LeoVegas, acknowledged their increasing presence a while back and created Chambre Séparée’s Silent Blackjack to suit their needs. These types of tables offer a minimum level of interaction between players and the dealer, whose only focused on the task at hand – dealing cards or spinning the wheel.

So, there it is, our list of the five types of live casino players. Do you think we missed one? Have you met another type of player who’s out of the ordinary? Let us know on our Facebook page!