BlueRibbon gaming platform acquires UK licence

BlueRibbon has been awarded a licence by the UK Gambling Commission to begin offering its “unique jackpot marketing platform”, along with its tools and services, to online casinos that operate within the United Kingdom.

This software platform – which is agnostic to any game, vertical or event – grants operators the ability to develop, personalise and control bespoke jackpots that can be tailored to suit their needs as well as those of their player segments and preferences.

If leveraged properly, these jackpot-based promotions will incentivise and reward their players with non-bonus-based rewards. The software platform will also provide operators with a powerful back office to build engaging campaigns for all types of player and unique data insights that reveal which of their efforts were fruitful.

Amir Askarov, co-founder and CEO of BlueRibbon, said, “We are proud to have been awarded a supplier licence by the Gambling Commission, allowing us to offer our unique jackpot marketing platform to UK operators for the very first time.”

He continued, “In such a competitive market differentiation is key but to date, operators have struggled to truly set themselves apart. The BlueRibbon platform allows them to do just that, and to use jackpots to boost acquisition and retention and to offer significant added value to players.”

About Blue Ribbon

Founded by former Playtech executives Amir Askarov and Dan Fischer, BlueRibbon is a marketing platform that gives live casino providers three major benefits. These are the ability to offer their partners personalised private rooms with jackpot features, dedicated tables with tailored jackpots for each player segment and bespoke network promotions.

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