“Aiming for a strike” - On Authentic Gaming’s amazing summer 2018!

We may only be mid-way through the year, but 2018 could easily be considered a year of breakthroughs for Authentic Gaming. This live casino provider became the first ever to live stream a roulette table from the American casino Foxwoods, and broadcast its first studio stream, from a brand-new, state-of-the-art auto-roulette facility in Malta.

In an exclusive interview with the company’s management, we learnt more about their strategy in choosing casinos to collaborate with, the reasons behind their recent strategic shift and any technical and business challenges they faced along the way.

Bringing the local flavour to players worldwide

Authentic Gaming is famous for its live streams from luxurious casinos all around the world, so it was only natural to start the conversation with the question of ‘How does a brick-and-mortar casino finds its way into Authentic’s table offering?’

Jonas Delin, Managing Director of Authentic, commented: “There are two things we take into account when choosing a new casino. Firstly, we only work with premium casinos that have characteristics that allow us to build exciting stories around them. For instance, the St. Vincent Resorts Casino, located high up in the Italian Alps, surrounded by stunning views, is famous for being Sean Connery’s favourite casino. While the recently launched Foxwoods in the US allows our players to live the American dream and experience a real American mega resort from their smartphone. Secondly, it’s the local flavour. We know live roulette players want to play at tables in their native language. For instance, Danish players like to play live with Danish speaking croupiers. By adding The Royal Casino in Denmark to our selection, we’re taking this one step further. We’re not only providing players with Danish croupiers but a genuine experience, in a real land-based Danish casino.”

Staying tuned to what casino players want

Authentic Gaming Blaze Table

Auto roulette streams aren’t unusual for Authentic, but broadcasting them from a studio instead of a physical casino is. Building an entirely new business vertical has its challenges, but offering players the games and features they expect is a driving force behind Authentic’s company-wide decisions.

“By analysing the industry, we’ve noticed that there’s a big trend around automated roulette. So, we decided to explore this area and build a product that takes things to the next level. We’re bringing a couple of new implementations to auto and semi-automated tables. We’re also giving players the chance to bet on a never-before seen table. It’s called a Blaze table that uses LED lights to showcase bets and winning numbers while offering the croupier or game presenter new ways to interact with the players.“ said Magdalena Podhorska, Head of Sales.

In our exclusive visit to the studio we were given the excellent opportunity to see and test the new table first-hand. From a technical perspective, it’s superb. The LED overlay system looks sharp and natural and succeeds in creating truly unique ways for the game presenter to interact with players. We can’t wait to see it live, in an actual game stream, and provide you with a detailed review. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long!

Bowling-alley mentality

The new studio, fresh games titles, automated wheels and the Foxwoods launch are all projects driven by what Mr. Delin calls a “bowling-alley mentality”. When asked about what players should expect from Authentic in the coming months, the company managing director said: “…until we are the best that we could be at live roulette, we’re not going to do anything else. There are ten pins in the roulette alley and we want to knock them all down before we move on. Some of these pins stand for user experience, streaming quality, etc. Once we have a strike on the roulette alley, we’re going to move on the next lane.”

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