Now plenty of incredible things about casinos exist, after all they’re both lands of legendary spectacle and secretive places where myths are often made. So can you spot the big fat lie from amongst four other fabulous casino stories? Read on to realise which is which, and remember – no cheating!


1. There was once a casino inside Nevada State Prison.

Just because someone robbed three banks and was sentenced to 25 years in prison doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to an honest game of blackjack now, does it? Well inmates at the old Nevada State Prison certainly could! These felons were allowed to play blackjack, craps, poker, and even bet on sports inside The Bullpen, a makeshift casino located on the prison grounds in Carson City. The casino operated inside the prison for 35 years until 1967 when it was shut down by the new governor who saw gambling as “further degradation to the inmates”. Honestly speaking, The Bullpen had to be one of the safest casinos in the world though – I mean, would you be bold enough to cheat other criminals out of their stash of the cash?


2. A dog once won $9,300 at a roulette table.

Bringing new meaning to the term golden retriever is ‘Christie’, a casino canine who won almost ten-thousand dollars for proud owner John C. Rook of Tallahassee, Florida (and a massive bag of doggy treats too we’re sure!) . This extraordinary episode took place back in the summer of ‘99 when John, a passionate gambling expert, decided that the best way to prove the randomness of a roulette table was to allow his colourblind pet to play it. After six months of training Christie to pick red or black on a roulette table, he drove all the way to Atlantic City to play roulette at the famous Golden Nugget Casino. The process was quite simple; John placed two identical pieces of food on the table – one on black and one on red – and whichever colour his trusty companion would go for first John would then bet on. With an astonishing 85% success rate and richer to the tune of $9,300, they left the table two hours after joining for a well-earned walk. Now that’s what we call a man’s best friend!


3. There’s a casino inside a black cab

Ever feel the itch to have a flutter as you get about? No worries, one enterprising casino in Birmingham has come up with the perfect solution for the impatient player: take a ride in their casino-cab where playing blackjack is just part of each and every pick-up. This specially designed taxi comes equipped with bar, dealer and of course, gaming table. For the digital players, online gambling facilities are also provided. A promotional stunt to promote Grosvenor Casinos, it also has a charitable angle where rides around the city are offered in exchange for small donations to the Carer’s Trust – the casino’s chosen charity.


4. Over half of all Las Vegas casino profits come from slot machines.

Surprise, surprise, but nonetheless 100% true… or is it? Popular culture often associates casinos with the image of well-dressed people leaning over luxurious roulette tables. Come to think of it, no James Bond movie has ever omitted the super-spy winning both fortune and flirtful glances in a fantastic casino somewhere in the world. But it’s not the poker, blackjack or roulette tables that keep the casino lights on, it’s the slot machines – and we have the numbers to prove it! A report released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board Gaming Revenue shows that the total gaming wins over twelve months (March 2015 – February 2016) from slots was $7 billion while the total for table games was just $4 billion. Take that 007!


5. Blue chip companies get their name from blue casino chips ‘

Bingo’, ‘poker face’, ‘all-in’, ‘double or nothing’ and ‘jackpot’ are all casino terms that have long left the table environment to become part of everyday speech and culture. But movies, books and music aren’t the only arenas to take inspiration from the glamorous world of casino table games. The financial sector chose the term ‘blue chip’ for their top performing companies out of meaningful connection too – blue casino chips have the highest value! Firms that have a stable and strong financial track-record based on continuous success in their respected field, Blue Chip companies, are rather like successful casino players!


So there you have them, four really strange truths about the amazing world of casino and one big fat lie. Have you seen the fib amongst these fantastic stories? If so, tell us what gave it away on our Facebook page!