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We’re here to take you on an eye-opening trip across the world of live casino in search of bigger wins, new knowledge and unique experiences.

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We started this project on the belief that the wonderful world of live casino and its enthusiastic inhabitants – the players – deserve a community of their own. One built on passion, respect and above all else, honesty.

We’re creating this place as we speak and invite you to join us!

Read about the latest games and studio updates, find out what the best bonuses are and casino promotions and, of course, where to claim them.

Tap into expertly-written strategy guides that will push your game to the next level. Then step behind the curtains and meet the creators of your favourite live roulette or blackjack games.

Contribute and send us your honest feedback and suggestions or join our social conversations to connect with like-minded players.

Play a part in shaping LiveCasino.com, the place where winners are born.

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When live dealer blackjack became a thing, Ionut built his own (bad) blackjack card counter tool in Microsoft Excel. The same day he realized two things: first, vlook-ups are hard and second, he’s definitely more of a live roulette guy. 


Vic is the authority within the LiveCasino.com team with regards to what casinos are up to next, and no one can deny that. That’s also because everyone would shot down by the ton of knowledge Victoria would drop on their heads.

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